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Happy Int’l Women’s Day from Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Former Israeli chief rabbi Ovadia Yosef (not a cross between a Civil War naval re-enactor and Rahsaan Roland Kirk)

Former Israeli chief rabbi and Shas spiritual leader Ovadia Yosef

Beatnik zombie-pirate, Shas spiritual leader and former Israeli chief rabbi Ovadia Yosef offered a characteristically wise sermon on the occasion of International Women’s Day. According to Israel’s Channel 10 (I am soliciting better translations):

In light of International Women’s Day, the rabbi gave a sermon outlining his teachings on the difference between men and women. “Women can not go to war,” declared Rabbi Yosef. “If a woman runs over a cat with a car, she begins crying, therefore she can not kill people.” In [Yosef’s] opinion, men are made differently. “A man is a man, so give him a task he is made to do.”

In other news, Yosef’s son, Yaakov, revealed that his father’s book, Yecheve Da’at, provided the original source material for Torat Ha’melech a tract that claims rabbinical justification for the killing of non-Jews, including children, during warfare. See my video and report on Torat Ha’melech for more.