My latest in Al-Akhbar English: Israeli politicians, media and intelligence push for more conflict with Turkey

The “Periphery Doctrine” has been a cornerstone of Israel’s strategic approach to the Middle East since the state’s foundation. Devised by David Ben Gurion and Eliahu Sassoon, an Israeli Middle East expert who became Israel’s first diplomatic representative in Turkey, the doctrine was based on maintaining alliances with non-Arab states and ethnic minorities in the region as a counterweight to pan-Arabism. Though three countries — Iran, Ethiopia, and Turkey — became key regional allies of Israel, Ben Gurion was keenly aware that the relationships were temporary, and could not substitute for peace with Israel’s Arab neighbors (something Ben Gurion ironically tried to manufacture through his “activist” foreign policy of unilateral military strikes and disproportionate force). From Turkey’s perspective, the relationship with Israel was never a proper strategic alliance, but rather a means of establishing leverage against nationalistic Arab governments.

This week’s events delivered the death knell to the terminally ill Periphery Doctrine. Following the Palmer/Uribe report’s factually flawed claims about the legality of Israel’s siege on the Gaza Strip and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s refusal to apologize for Israel’s execution-style massacre of 9 activists on the deck of the Mavi Marmara — “We need not apologize!” the Prime Minister boomed three times during a recent press conference — the Turkish government significantly downgraded its relations with Israel. Turkey not only expelled Israel’s ambassador from Ankara, it suspended all military relations between the two states. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has suggested further sanctions will follow, exposing Netanyahu’s bravado as empty and self-destructive.

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3 thoughts on “My latest in Al-Akhbar English: Israeli politicians, media and intelligence push for more conflict with Turkey

  1. Chayma

    Excellent reporting.

    Of course this is to be expected of Israeli neo cons. For as long as Turkey was a “friend”, even the Armenian Holocaust was swept under the carpet. Now it’s all the rage. As for these wet dreams of war with Turkey…well it’s as delusional as the neo cons dreams of war with Iraq. Nothing they wanted panned out then, and it certainly will not pan out the way they want now.

    Nato will blast Israel to smithereens. These stupid dunces don’t realise that.

  2. Chayma

    By the way, superb work Max, you see the picture clearly, unlike these armchair warriors who pretend to know us and yet know nothing about us.

    Fox News needs someone like you at the head, instead of the garbage they have now.

  3. Joel

    “…the collapse of Jewish life in yet another majority Muslim country — a tragic phenomenon that Israel has historically propelled and benefited from.”

    Yes, Israel benefited, but she never propelled Jewish emigration from any Muslim country.
    This is a slander and I defy the author to reply and show one instance of Israel propelling the collapse of any diaspora community.

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