Israel’s “social justice revolution” extends to illegal mega-settlement of Ariel

The settlers of Ariel demand "social justice" during J14's August 14 protest

The settlers of Ariel demand "social justice" during J14's August 14 protest

Many observers of the massive July 14 “social justice revolution” sweeping through Israel have been wondering when the protest movement would deal directly with the occupation of Palestine, or whether it would it all. On August 14, a month after the demonstrations began, the movement finally tackled the situation across the Green Line. But instead of connecting the concept of social justice to the rights of everyone living under Israeli control, July 14 officially endorsed (website is in Hebrew) a tent protest for “social justice” in the illegal West Bank mega-settlement of Ariel.

There is a lot to say about this move, but I will keep it brief for now: By officially ignoring the occupation, the July 14 movement is behaving as though the two state solution is a current fact on the ground — they are living in a walled-off fantasy world. And by embracing Ariel, July 14 has tacitly proclaimed its support for keeping and subsidizing the main settlement blocs.

4 thoughts on “Israel’s “social justice revolution” extends to illegal mega-settlement of Ariel

  1. etai_tavor

    As an activist in J14 I am pleased to see that we got noticed .
    One point you are missing , J14 is not addressing political issues.
    The struggle , as we call it , is of social , economic nature.
    Some of us support BiBi , some don’t … there is no official decision in the subject you have described .

    All the best


  2. Chayma


    That poll seems to contradict the Palestinians support for a state, for example it also says this:

    Asked whether they backed seeking a Palestinian state unilaterally in the UN, 64% said yes. The number was 57% in the West Bank and 79% in Gaza. Thirty-seven percent said the UN action would bring a Palestinian state closer, 16% said it would set back the establishment of a state, and 44% said it would make no difference.

    Two things to remember:

    1. When they say all of Palestine, they mean a one state solution. The one state solution (with equal rights for all) has a lot of support in the region. Gaddafi for example has said he supports a one state called “Israstine” instead of the two state solution.

    2. What the settlers seem to want, is a one state with the non Jews moved to Jordan. They live in a fantasy world too, because it is possible that if Bibi and Abbas AGREED to a one state solution with their populace supporting it, the UN would accept. The chances of the settlers dreams of ethnic cleansing would not be supported by the UN.

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