America’s Breivik Complex: State terror and the Islamophobic right

This article was originally published at Alternet:

Few political terrorists in recent history took as much care to articulate their ideological influences and political views as Anders Behring Breivik did. The right-wing Norwegian Islamophobe who murdered 76 children and adults in Oslo and at a government-run youth camp spent months, if not years, preparing his 1,500 page manifesto.

Besides its length, one of the most remarkable aspects of the manifesto is the extent to which its European author quoted from the writings of figures from the American conservative movement. Though he referred heavily to his fellow Norwegian, the blogger Fjordman, it was Robert Spencer, the American Islamophobic pseudo-academic, who received the most references from Breivik — 55 in all. Then there was Daniel Pipes, the Muslim-bashing American neoconservative who earned 18 citations from the terrorist. Other American anti-Muslim characters appear prominently in the manifesto, including the extremist blogger Pam Geller, who operates an Islamophobic organization in partnership with Spencer.

Breivik may have developed his destructive sensibility in the stark political environment of a European continent riveted by mass immigration from the Muslim world, but his conceptualization of the changes he was witnessing reflect the influence of a cadre of far-right bloggers and activists from across the Atlantic Ocean. He not only mimicked their terminology and emulated their language, he substantially adopted their political worldview. The profound impact of the American right’s Islamophobic subculture on Breivik’s thinking raises a question that has not been adequately explored: Where is the American version of Breivik and why has he not struck yet? Or has he?

Many of the American writers who influenced Breivik spent years churning out calls for the mass murder of Muslims, Palestinians and their left-wing Western supporters. But the sort of terrorism these US-based rightists incited for was not the style the Norwegian killer would eventually adopt. Instead of Breivik’s renegade free-booting, they preferred the “shock and awe” brand of state terror perfected by Western armies against the brown hordes threatening to impose Sharia law on the people in Peoria. This kind of violence provides a righteous satisfaction so powerful it can be experienced from thousands of miles away.

And so most American Islamophobes simply sit back from the comfort of their homes and cheer as American and Israeli troops — and their remote-controlled aerial drones — leave a trail of charred bodies from Waziristan to Gaza City. Only a select group of able-bodied Islamophobes are willing to suit up in a uniform and rush to the front lines of the clash of civilizations. There, they have discovered that they can mow down Muslim non-combatants without much fear of legal consequences, and that when they return, they will be celebrated as the elite Crusader-warriors of the new Islamophobic right — a few particularly violent figures have been rewarded with seats in Congress. Given the variety of culturally acceptable, officially approved outlets for venting violent anti-Muslim resentment, there is little reason for any American to follow in Breivik’s path of infamy.

Before exploring the online subculture that both shaped and mirrored Breivik’s depravity, it is necessary to define state terror, especially the kind refined by its most prolific practitioners. At the dawn of the “war on terror,” the United States and Israel began cultivating a military doctrine called “asymmetrical warfare.” Pioneered by an Israeli philosophy and “practical ethics” professor named Asa Kasher and the former head of Israeli military intelligence, Lt. Gen. Amos Yadlin, and successfully marketed to the Pentagon, the asymmetrical warfare doctrine did away with traditional counterinsurgency tactics which depended on winning the “hearts and minds” of indigenous populations. Under the new rules, the application of disproportionate force against non-combatants who were supposedly intermingled with the “terrorists” was not only  justified but considered necessary. According to Kasher and Yadlin, eliminating the principle of distinction between enemy combatants and civilians was the most efficient means of deterring attacks from non-state actors like Hamas and Hezbollah while guarding the lives of Israeli soldiers.

Asymmetrical warfare has been witnessed in theaters of war across the Muslim world, leaving tens of thousands of civilians dead in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Gaza Strip. The strategy was formalized in the Dahiya district of southern Beirut in 2006, when the Israeli military flattened hundreds of civilian structures and homes to supposedly punish Hezbollah for its capturing of two Israeli soldiers.

From the ashes of the Israeli carpet bombing campaign emerged the “Dahiya Doctrine,” a term coined by an Israeli general responsible for directing the war on Lebanon in 2006. “IDF Northern Command Chief Gadi Eisenkot uttered clear words that essentially mean the following,” wrote Israeli journalist Yaron London, who had just interviewed the general. “In the next clash with Hezbollah we won’t bother to hunt for tens of thousands of rocket launchers and we won’t spill our soldiers’ blood in attempts to overtake fortified Hizbullah positions. Rather, we shall destroy Lebanon and won’t be deterred by the protests of the ‘world.'” In a single paragraph, London neatly encapsulated the logic of state terror.

While Israel has sought to insulate itself from the legal ramifications of its attacks on civilian life by deploying elaborate propaganda and intellectual sophistry (witness the country’s frantic campaign to discredit the Goldstone Report), and the United States has casually dismissed allegations of war crimes as any swaggering superpower would (after a US airstrike killed scores of Afghan civilians, former US CENTCOM chief David Petraeus baselessly claimed that Afghan parents had deliberately burned their children alive to increase the death toll), the online Islamophobes who inspired Breivik tacitly accept the reality of Israeli and American state terror. And they like it. Indeed, American Islamophobes derive frightening levels of ecstasy from the violence inflicted by the armed forces against Muslim civilians. The Facebook page of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s hate group, Stop the Islamicization of America (SOIA), is Exhibit A of the phenomenon.

During a visit to SOIA’s Facebook page, which is personally administered by Geller and Spencer, it is possible to read rambling calls for killing “the diaper heads” and for Israel to “rule the whole Middle East.” A cursory glance at the website will also reveal visual propaganda reveling in the prospect of a genocide against Muslims. One image posted on the site depicts American and British troops dropping a nuclear bomb in the midst of thousands of Muslim pilgrims in Mecca. “Who ya gonna call? Shitbusters,” it reads.

A second image portraying a nuclear mushroom cloud declares: “DEALING WITH MUSLIMS — RULES OF ENGAGEMENT; Rule #1: Kill the Enemy. Rule #2: There is no rule #2.” Another posted on SOIA’s Facebook page shows the bullet-riddled, bloodsoaked bodies of Muslim civilians splayed out by a roadside. “ARMY MATH,” the caption reads. “4 Tangos + (3 round burst x 4 M 4’s) = 288 virgins.” However pathological these images might seem to outsiders, in the subculture of Geller and Spencer’s online fascisphere, they are understood as legitimate expressions of nationalistic, “pro-Western” pride. Indeed, none seem to celebrate violence against Muslims by anyone except uniformed representatives of Western armies.

The anti-Muslim fervor of Geller, Spencer and their allies reached a fever pitch during the controversy they manufactured in 2010 over the construction of the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” in downtown New York City. Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, in North Carolina, a right-wing Republican ex-Marine named Ilario Pantano made opposing the mosque the centerpiece of his campaign for Congress, proclaiming that New York was “forsaking Israel” by allowing the mosque’s construction. During the height of the his campaign, a report relying on documented evidence and confirmed testimonies revealed that while serving in Iraq in 2004, Pantano had executed two unarmed civilians near Fallujah, firing 60 bullets into their bodies with his M16A4 automatic rifle — he even stopped to reload — then decorated their corpses a placard inscribed with the Marine motto: “No better friend, No worse enemy.” The incident did not hinder Pantano’s campaign, however. His Democratic opponent never mentioned it, Pam Geller hailed Pantano as “a war hero,” and he swiftly became a cult hero of the Tea Party.

Pantano lost his bid for Congress, however, another US military veteran closely allied with the Islamophobic right won a surprise victory in Florida: Republican Representative Allen West. While serving in Iraq, West was discharged from the military and fined $5000 after he brutally beat an Iraqi policeman, then fired his pistol behind the immobilized man’s head. As in Pantano’s case, reports of the disturbing incident only helped propel West to victory. In fact, West boasted about the beating in his campaign speeches, citing it as evidence of how hard he would fight for his constituents if elected.

Though Breivik’s hatred for Muslims clearly spurred him to violence, he wound up murdering scores of the non-Muslims. He believed they were enabling an Islamic takeover of Europe, or what he called the creation of “Eurabia,” and that the “traitors” deserved the ultimate punishment. In homing in on liberal elements in Norway, Breivik borrowed from the language of right-wing figures from the United States, labeling his targets as “Cultural Marxists.” Initially introduced by the anti-Semitic right-wing organizer William Lind of the Washington-based Free Congress Foundation, the term “Cultural Marxism” was a catch-all that defined a broad array of leftist types, but especially those who preached “political correctness” towards immigrants, homosexuals, and other oppressed groups including the Palestinians. “Let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists,” Breivik wrote in his manifesto. The killer also sought to differentiate between good Jews (supporters of Israel) and bad Jews (advocates for Palestinian rights), claiming that “Jews that support multi-culturalism today are as much of a threat to Israel and Zionism as they are to us.”

Breivik’s characterizations of the left (and of left-wing Jews) echoed those familiar to right-wing bloggers and conservative activists in the US, particularly on the issue of Israel-Palestine. The only difference seems to have been that Breivik was willing to personally kill sympathizers with Palestinian rights, while American Islamophobes have prefered to sit back and cheer for the Israeli military to do the job instead. The tendency of the American right was on shocking display this June when the Free Gaza Flotilla attempted to break the Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip (during the previous flotilla in 2010, nine activists were killed by what a United Nations report described as execution style shootings by Israeli commandoes). As the debate about the flotilla escalated on Twitter, Joshua Trevino, a US army veteran and who worked as a speechwriter in the administration of George W. Bush, chimed in. “Dear IDF,” Trevino tweeted. “If you end up shooting any Americans on the new Gaza flotilla — well, most Americans are cool with that. Including me.” While Trevino hectored flotilla participants, Kurt Schlicter, a former American army officer and right-wing blogger for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Peace site, joined the calls for bloodshed. “Sink the flotilla,” Schlicter wrote on Twitter. “Enough screwing around with these psychos.”

Neither Schlicter or Trevino saw any reason to apologize for inciting the murder of fellow Americans, nor did Trevino appear to face any consequences at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, where he serves as Vice President. Instead, Trevino earned a rousing defense from prominent conservative personalities like Erick Erickson, a paid CNN contributor who lauded “the correctness of Josh’s opinion” that Israel should kill American leftists. Indeed, no one from inside the American right’s online media hothouse condemned Trevino, Schlicter or Erickson, or even brooked a slight disagreement. Meanwhile, the incitement against Palestine solidarity activists has continued, with pro-Israel operatives Roz Rothstein and Roberta Seid writing this July in the Jerusalem Post that “Flotilla Folk are not like other people.”

When the smoke cleared from Breivik’s terrorist rampage across Norway, American Islamophobes went into  intellectual contortions, condemning his acts while carefully avoiding any criticism of his views. While making sure to call Breivik “evil,” the ultra-nationalist commentator and former Republican presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan insisted that “Breivik may be right” about the supposed clash of civilizations between the Muslim East and the Christian West. Pipes, for his part, accused Breivik of a “purposeful” campaign to discredit him by citing him so frequently in his manifesto, while a panicked Geller claimed that Breivik “is a murderer, a mass murderer. Period. He’s not anything else.”

The comically revealing reactions by American Islamophobes to Brevik’s killing spree demonstrate the politically catastrophic situation they have gotten themselves into. All of a sudden, their movement was under intense scrutiny from a previously derelict mainstream media. And they were likely to be monitored to an unprecedented degree by federal law enforcement. These same figures who influenced Breivik had been printing open calls for terrorist violence against Muslims and leftists for years — while a few went a step further on the battlefield. Before Breivik killed 76 innocent people, they had generally gotten away with it.

Why were America’s Islamophobes able to avoid accountability for so long? The answer is not that their yearnings for righteous political violence had not been fulfilled until Breivik emerged. The truth is far more uncomfortable than that. America’s Islamophobic right was only able to make so much political headway because a broad sector of the American public had tolerated and even supported the kind of terror that they openly celebrated.

20 thoughts on “America’s Breivik Complex: State terror and the Islamophobic right

  1. AdamAW

    Thanks, this is an excellent article that mirrors my own thoughts on this subject, but articulates them far better than I could have.

    I am not sure if all of the points that you have made in this article necessarily hold true for Islamaphobes in the United Kingdom. The British National Party has been a vocal opponent of the wars in Afganistan and Iraq and has said that Britain should not be interferring with Muslim countries. I think that it is important to differentiate between the opponents of multi-culturalism who are opposed to mass imigration and fear the loss of national identity that they believe that this will bring, and the out and out racists who delight in the indiscriminate murder of Muslims. The latter really are a sinister bunch. The former, in my opinion, deserve a measure of sympathy.

    [Can I please request that you use the larger line spacing for all articles. It is so much easier to read.]

  2. chayma100

    Superb article Max!

    As usual, you wipe the floor clean with the far right Islamophobic crowd.

    I’ll write more later, as I have links and news to share, but I couldn’t resist drooling over this 🙂

  3. AdamAW

    I am also recalling a radio debate in which a member of the British National Party criticised a member of the House of Lords (a ‘Lady’) of Jewish descent for her unswerving support of Israel saying that anyone who felt that their loyalties lay to another country should not be a political representative in Britain. That said the ‘English Defence League’ – the other most high-profile right wing anti-Muslim group in the UK – are vocal supporters of Israel, and even had an American right-wing Rabbi giving a speech at one of their recent protests.

    I think that there are a range of positions held by people who regard themselves as opponents of multiculturalism.

  4. justme

    Bravo Max!
    Newcomer here!
    Great piece.
    And I saw your interview today with Thom Hartmann on this same issue.
    Thank you for not allowing Thom to deflect attention away from the Israeli and US govt’s cause and effect in all this rising Islamophobia,and its impact lately in Norway.You stuck to your facts well.
    I watch Thom Hartmann a lot for his progressive stand on US domestic politics and policies.
    But,for some reason,he is not so progressive when publically holding Israel accountable for its decades of crimes and human rights abuses against the Palestinians?
    I tried to find your interview with him at his website but alas,was unable?
    Perhaps you could post it on youtube, or on your own site,so viewers may watch,listen and learn? It was short but VERY sweet!
    Thanks Max.
    Good job!

  5. Grazzi Dad

    Anyone who is concerned about the imposition of Sharia (or “Islamization”, which is spelled wrong in the description of the web site) of the West is an “Islamophobe”. People who express concern about this and decry Breivik’s acts are doing “intellectual contortions” and are “panicked”.

    Another polemical screed. Sigh.

    And this isn’t a joke. There are now dozens of Sharia Courts in Britain, signs have gone up in PARTS OF LONDON saying they are “Sharia-Controlled Zones”, and that women must behave in certain ways. For example:

    ALL of us need to be very concerned about overturning laws that have taken centuries to take effect, laws that will make women prisoners in their homes, have gay people and adulterers publicly flogged, etc. All that we have to do is stop enforcing them, in the name of “sensitivity”, for them to effectively disappear.

    It is not racism to decry fundamentalism and the consequent loss of freedoms that we take for granted in The West. Not everyone worried about this cheers civilian deaths, which is almost as psychotic to allege as to actually participate in.

    It’s really too bad that so many articles by intelligent commentators, like Blumenthal, have to be so strident, one-sided, and engage in dividing people into two radically opposed groups. Reality is more nuanced and colored than that.

  6. maleki9

    As usually incredible work, it’s a damn shame that Max isn’t invited on mainstream channels like MSNBC or CNN or for that matter Current Tv. Me thinks if his views re: Israel were a little more in line with the media narrative (i.e. Israel always good, Palestinians always bad) Max would be a major media star.

  7. Joel

    So a fringe group interprets their Torah in such a way that they find that their Torah sanctions killing innocents, and jihadis interpret their Koran to find that their Koran sanctions slaughtering infidels and Breivik interprets Spencer and Pipes in such a way that what….?
    Max. This piece of yours was sheer idiocy even before you said:

    “Before exploring the online subculture that both shaped and mirrored Breivik’s depravity, it is necessary to define state terror, especially the kind refined by its most prolific practitioners. At the dawn of the “war on terror,” the United States and Israel began cultivating a military doctrine called “asymmetrical warfare.”

    WTF!? What does ‘state terror’, however YOU want to define it, have to do with the act of a lone ‘vigilante’?

    Max. I think you’ve intellectually masturbated yourself stone-cold blind.

    Good night.

  8. lukasiwicz

    What is it, by you, that makes Robert Spencer, who in fact has a master’s degree in religious studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a “pseudo-academic?” Please clarify. I’ll simply point out that name-calling does not a reasoned argument make against someone’s views. If you can rebut Spencer’s assertions, do so. Otherwise, were I you, I’d refrain from throwing around such epithets as “pseudo-academic.” Also, as far as I am concerned, “Islamophobe” is another term that needs to be retired, unless those who use it so freely would accept being called “islamophiles.”

  9. Henk

    Mr. Blumenthal, I am curious as to whether you would lump in Asia Bibi with your above list of sinister far-right perpetrators of Islamophobia (what you call Islamophobia, rational people would call “Islamo-honesty”). Asia Bibi is a Pakistani Christian woman who was recently sentenced to death by hanging for allegedly insulting Muhammad:

    Why shouldn’t she be lumped in with the rest of them? After all, she did commit the unforgivable crime of speaking ill of the religion that is above all criticism. Also, don’t you think it’s rather curious that the case of Asia Bibi has elicited absolutely zero outrage in the Muslim world? This stands in sharp contrast to the murderous frenzy that erupted in the Muslim world after an obscure Danish newspaper published cartoons of Muhammad, and after a fringe Florida pastor burned a copy of the Qur’an.

  10. not disappointed

    i checked in expecting to see that you would have whitewashed charles johnson out of this story.

    does that make me a good judge of character or are your shortcomings that obvious?

  11. justme

    Excellant article Max. And I saw your interview also on the Thom Hartman show discussing this whole issue. Thankyou for not letting Thom steer you away from the influence of Israeli-US Zionism,on Breivik,in this situation,especially as Breivik admits to admiring Israel’s criminal treatment of the Palestinian people, Muslims and Christians alike.
    Mr Hartmann,who I watch regularly because I agree with his US progressive domestic political stance,did try to generalise the effects of Israel’s occupation and Zionism’s effect on Brievik. For some reason,he will not publically condemn Israel for its terrible direct crimes regionally,and the indirect effect,globally,of its military,apartheid occupation of Palestine and the Arabian Semitic peoples.
    But you kept bringing the focus back,quite rightly.
    Europe and Sandinavia give shelter to many expelled persecuted refugees who flee US-Israeli Zionist hegemony,so it’s obvious that this nations should be targetted by Islamophobes in Europe and Scandinavia. Radical western(caucasian) nationalist factions,and the Israeli-Zionist radical right wing are pushing to fracture and weaken Western support for displaced refugees while they increase the occupation,and collective punishment upon the Palestinian people.
    Israel-Palestine is the core issue,of sixty seven years and the sooner Israeli terrorism stops against Arabian people,the sooner the whole world will have peace and mutual respect. But peace isn’t always profitable,to some,is it is Max,lol.
    I pray for an independent,self-determined Palestine and an Israel without the horrible right-wing Zionist legacy of hatred,and herrenvolk exceptionalism.
    Good work Max!

  12. reprehensor

    Indeed. Even more far-reaching is the history of the exploitation of Arab fear, to initiate a “War on Terror”, that is nothing more than a war on Arab states. 1979 can be considered a starting point for this concept with the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism. You can read more about it here;

    and here;

  13. Chayma

    Grazzi Dad

    “And this isn’t a joke. There are now dozens of Sharia Courts in Britain,

    Sharia courts are no different to the courts that other religious groups have for their own religious affairs. Their is nothing sinister about them.

    signs have gone up in PARTS OF LONDON saying they are “Sharia-Controlled Zones”, and that women must behave in certain ways. For example:”

    Your own link discredits you, as it says they are a fringe group, with little support from Muslims.

    If you bother to do your research you will find that the person who is behind this is an extremist called Anjum Choudry, who has had no Islamic education, and has little support from the mainstream Muslim community. His follwers are a mish mash of assorted oddballs, and converts who are misled.

    He is thought to be a plant or a stooge of some sort by some people, and others think he is just an opportunist looking to make money and thrive on publicity, which he craves. They are more about publicity, like the Quran burning pastor in the USA.

    . Here is his Wikipedia entry, about him and his group.
    Anjem Choudary
    Choudary has received little support from the mainstream Muslim community,

  14. AdamAW

    Hi justme, this is a response to your question as to why Thom Hartmann will not publically condemn Israel (I am taking your word for this).

    I have read Thom’s book ‘The Prophet’ and his spiritual mentor the German Gottfried Muller had a very strong religious feelings for Israel and established a children’s home there through the help of a Rabbi he met through Thom and his organisation SALEM international. Thom also said in his book that many of the donors to the children’s home which he founded in the States were Jewish, and so it was fairly easy to get some further funding for a children’s home in Israel. So, if what you say is true it may be due to the influence of his late spiritual mentor and the views with he aquired through him, plus possibly the wish to not cause offence to Jewish aquaintances who may well be continuing to provide funding for the SALEM home in America.

  15. Joel

    “Asymmetrical warfare has been witnessed in theaters of war across the Muslim world…The strategy was formalized in the Dahiya district of southern Beirut in 2006, when the Israeli military flattened hundreds of civilian structures and homes to supposedly punish Hezbollah for its capturing of two Israeli soldiers”.

    The Hezbollah ambush that precipitated the 2006 Lebanon War killed 8 Israeli soldiers on patrol in Israel. The bodies of two Israeli soldiers killed or wounded in the ambush were taken back across the borden into Lebanon to be later ransomed. Israel, not knowing whether these two soldiers were alive or dead, crossed into Lebanon in hot pursuit. Hezbollah staged this sick exercise for domestic political gain in Lebanon and Israel punished them for crossing into her territory and killing and kidnapping (dead bodies). This is called deterrence, a term some child-minded people find abhorrent.

  16. Chayma

    I agree with Maleki9 above, except that i’d say his views are representative of the mainstream.

    Max, havn’t you declared your candidacy for office yet? Come on… 😉

    Give us all $600million, and we’ll package and sell you to the voters 🙂

    Barack Obama will get a run for his money, though he is the one most likely to win a second term 🙂

  17. Chayma


    What is it, by you, that makes Robert Spencer, who in fact has a master’s degree in religious studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a “pseudo-academic?”

    Are you really this ignorant? He is on the SPLC hate list,

    Spencer’s degree is not in Islamic studies, for that you have to learn from our own scholars, and it take many years. His degree is in Christian religioun studies. He is not an academic scholar, Check out his motivations, he has a grudge against Turkey for he thinks the Turks wronged his family, he is of Greek origins, and he is paid by right wing Zionists to rabble rouse against Islam. His readership is either Orthodox Jews who are far right Zionists, or Christian Zionists. Both are Muslim haters and the prime instigators of the Islamophobia rabble rousing business.

    Here is one website that monitors and documents his lies. Check out the funding, and follow the links there. You really are ignorant, spectacularly so, if you believe he is a scholar. If he was a scholar of Islamic history or theology, why isn’t he teaching any Muslim children? Why doesn’t he have Muslim support? Use your head, for heavens sake!

    Spencer Watch

    This site exposes Robert Spencer of, an extremist “Catholic” idealogue who hides behind “fake” scholarly claims to promote a fanatic anti-Muslim agenda.

  18. Chayma

    The news media has had a field day in headlining Anders Breivik’s actions as those of someone from the “far Right,” and as actions that are a consequence of Rightist ideology. Yet Breivik is an avid Zionist whose motives were predicated on Islamophobia. ”

    Yes, here is a selection of links for anyone who wants the facts linking Zionisim and Islamophobia in the USA and Europe. Nearly all the culprits are Orthodox Jews (far right zionists) or Christian Dominionists (armeggedon cult), who either fund (Aubrey Chernick) lend the legal framework (Hasidic Jew David Yerushalmi) are paid to lie (Robert Spencer) or subvert US Foreign Policy by mistranslating Arab News reports (MEMRI Founder Yigal Carmon)

    The Connection Between Zionism & Organized Islamophobia – The Facts
    Aubrey Chernick, Major funder of Zionist Orgs & Islamophobic Orgs


    Islamophobia, Zionism and the Norway massacre Anti-Defamation League director Abraham Foxman condemned Breivik’s ideology, but he is still an enabler of Islamophobia.


    Geert Wilders a Likudnik sponsored by Daniel Pipes
    by Oui Tue Mar 23rd, 2010


    The Man Behind the Anti-Shariah Movement
    Published: July 30, 2011
    In fact, it is the product of an orchestrated drive that began five years ago in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in the office of a little-known lawyer, David Yerushalmi, a 56-year-old Hasidic Jew with a history of controversial statements about race, immigration and Islam.


    The Likud Connection
    Europe’s Right-Wing Populists Find Allies in Israel,1518,777175,00.html
    By Charles Hawley
    Islamophobic parties in Europe have established a tight network, stretching from Italy to Finland. But recently, they have extended their feelers to Israeli conservatives, enjoying a warm reception from members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition. Some in Israel believe that the populists are Europe’s future.
    Pamela Geller Edits Post to Conceal Violent Rhetoric in ‘Email from Norway’
    Ineptly hiding the evidence of incitement
    Charles Johnson
    Fri Jul 29, 2011
    As you can see, the line Geller edited out is:

    We are stockpiling and caching weapons, ammunition and equipment. This is going to happen fast.

    Google’s cache also has a copy of Geller’s page, captured on June 30, 2011 — and the line about “stockpiling weapons” was still there at that time.


    Anders Breivik: Neo-Conned
    by Dr. K R Bolton

    July 29, 2011

  19. jundi

    I have been surveying the Stop Islamization of.. and Defense League pages on facebook for some time now. And, as expected, a pattern has emerged. I am preparing a statistical report on the subject so the below case is in no way anecdotal.

    I chose this example since he has a public page that can be verified easily.

    The name of our subject is Kevin WHITEMAN.

    Kevin WHITEMAN is an active member in the facebook pages of SIOA, SIOE, SIOA (Australia) and SIOC and in his posts he frequently quotes the examiner

    I collected screenshots of his more than 888 “likes” or pages. Notice the below pattern and see if you can find any similarities between him and any other Islamophobe like, say, Pam Geller (from atlas shrugs):

    1- I Hate Islam pages: Stop The Clifton *super* Mosque, Say ‘NO’ to the York mosque (York Action Group), fuck islam, Fuck Islam Fuck Allah, Allah? Who The Fuck Is Allah, Anti islam, Anti Islam, Anti-Islam., Christian and jewish crusaders united against radical islam., The Final Crusade against iSlam,

    2- I hate Obama pages: Dear Obama, no you cant., Obama is an Idiot, Obama sucks, O.B.A.M.A. One Big Ass Mistake America, Impeach Obama., Impeach OBAMA!!, Anti-Obama, Blondes Against Obama, Defeat Barack Hussein Obama 2012, Defeat Obama 2012, 1 Million People to Defeat Barack Obama

    3- Heroes: Pantano for Congress, Bobby Jindal, Renee Ellmers for Congress, Rick Perry 2012, Marine Le Pen, la page officielle, Jean-Marie LE PEN, Geert Wilders Sidebar, , PJ O’Rourke, Benjamin Netanyahu – ?????? ??????, Pamela Geller,

    3- I love Israel pages: Israel Defense Forces, Orthodox christians for israel, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), India – Israel – U.S.A – against – Islamic Jihad., I support Israel and the Israeli Defence forces, Israel has the right to defend its citizens., Israel Fans, I Am A Zionist,

    4- Memberships: English Defense League, SIOA, SIOC (Canada), Stop Islamization of the world, Stop Izlamization of Australia (SIOA), Stop Islamization of India, Stop Islamization of Europe, United to Save the Christians in the Middle East., Witness for Christ, Christian Defence League -Angels Division, Finnish Defence League ( FDL ), Australians AGAINST having an Islamic state in Australia.., St George’s Day, Nordic Defence League (NDL), American Majority, Liga de Defesa Brasileira, Colombian Defense League (Liga de Defensa Colombiana), Mexican Defense League (Liga de Defensa Mexicana), Philippines Defense League, Danish Defence League, Italian Defense League (IDL), Irish Defence League, Flemish Defence League (FLDL), Luxemburg Defence League, Liga de Defensa Española, Ligue de Défense Française (LDF), Swedish Defence League, American Defense League (ADL),

    Notice that these pages “likers” consist mainly of the same people.

  20. Chayma

    Jundi, thanks for that,

    Notice that these pages “likers” consist mainly of the same people.

    They have a little gang that go around, and post they have support from their own cretinous Islamophobic crowd, most of them only do it for the money. Recall the $40million spent on Obsession by The Clarion Fund, which was supposed to scare voters from not voting for Obama. It backfired badly.

    Pamela Geller, the SIOA founder had a book signing event in New York, I belive, when her last book came out, and noone turned up. Some months back, Europe made it clear that her SIOA “rallys” would not be supported by public funds (policing and security) so she cancelled them, and pretended that the European’s banned her. That was a lie. SIOA could have funded the security themselves and still have had the rallies. They’re cowards.

    I heard that Geller is facing a multi million pound lawsuit by a minor she was chasing, hoping to use her in her Muslim hate campaign.

    In any case, Charles Johnson is one of the best sources for Pamela Geller and other Islamophobes,

    Pamela Geller Lashes Out: ‘The Little Green Shew’
    Sat Jul 23, 2011
    Like a cornered rat on Stoli
    Obviously feeling backed into a corner, Pamela Geller lashes out with her patented incoherent malice: NORWAY SHOOTER A CHARLES JOHNSON FAN!!!!

    Oslo Terrorist Linked to EDL and European Branch of Pamela Geller’s Hate Group
    Sat Jul 23, 2011
    Breivik was deeply involved in the ‘counter-jihad’ blogosphere and UK far right groups

    Oslo Terrorism Updates: Killer Funded ‘Counter-Jihad’ Movement
    Sat Jul 23, 2011
    A product of the ‘counter-jihad’ blogs

    NYT: US ‘Counter-Jihad’ Bloggers Heavily Influenced Oslo Terrorist Mon Jul 25, 2011

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