Israel Law Center behind harassment of flotilla funded by homophobic End Timer Pastor John Hagee

Pastor John Hagee is a major financial supporter of Shurat Hadin, the Israel Law Center behind the legal campaign against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Pastor John Hagee is a major financial supporter of Shurat Hadin, the Israel Law Center behind the legal campaign against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

On June 24, Joseph Dana, a journalist who will traveling aboard the US boat to Gaza, discovered that an anonymous private legal complaint had been filed against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. The complaint alleged that US boat, “The Audacity of Hope,” was not sea worthy and therefore was unfit to sail. In response, the harbor master in Athens, Greece, where the boat was docked, told the crew that he could not allow them to leave until the complaint was resolved.

Two days later, the Israel Law Center, Shurat Hadin, accepted responsibility for the complaint, which was essentially a baseless but startlingly successful exercise in legal harassment. Who is Shurat Hadin, and what is their agenda? According to the group’s website, Shurat Hadin is a Tel Aviv-based law center that specializes in lawsuits against “terrorists.” Its founder, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, describes herself in her bio as a “human rights activist.”

Darshan-Leitner began her harassment of the US boat to Gaza began weeks ago when it filed a civil action against “perceived supporters of Hamas” on behalf of Alan Bauer, an American doctor who was injured along with his son in a 2002 Jerusalem bombing attack. The action also threatened maritime insurance companies with legal consequences if they insured any of the boats involved in the flotilla.

I have discovered that a major donor to Shurat Hadin is the homophobic far-right Pastor John Hagee. In March 2010, I reported that Hagee appeared beside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a major rally in Jerusalem to denounce the two state solution and announce the financial contributions he and his supporters were making to Israeli organizations. Among the organizations Hagee said he had bankrolled was Shurat Hadin.

Who Is Hagee Funding In Israel? from Max Blumenthal on Vimeo.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Republican Senator John McCain repudiated Hagee’s endorsement as soon as Hagee’s statements describing the Holocaust as a fulfillment of divine prophecy came to light. Hagee has also asserted his belief that the anti-Christ was “partially Jewish, as was Adolph Hitler.” As the researcher and reporter Bruce Wilson has documented, Hagee preaches that the Jewish Rothschild family controls the US economy through the Federal Reserve and conspires to attack the American middle class by devaluing the dollar. In his 2006 book Jerusalem Countdown, Hagee claimed that a lineage of “half-breed Jews,” descended from Esau and which included Adolf Hitler, have persecuted full-blooded Jews throughout history. Hagee prophesied that God intended to exterminate that “half-breed Jew” line.

These statements — and countless more demonizing gays, Muslims, and anyone else Hagee deems to be allied with “the Enemy”  — have been widely reported. However, nothing Hagee says or does seems to deter the “human rights activist” Darshan-Leitner and Shurat Hadin from embracing him and benefiting from his riches.

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  1. maleki9

    As usual Mr. Blumenthal does adroit and succinct job of describing the insanity of most Zionist “activists”. However I do have a bone to pick with him; Mr. Blumenthal incorrectly used the word ‘repudiated’ when he most assuredly (and correctly) meant to use the word ‘refudiated’. I hate to castigate someone for such a minor offense (especially someone I admire like Mr. Blumenthal), but I think it’s our job to hold our side to the same standards we hold the other side to. I’m sure it was an honest mistake, most likely, his finger slipped. After all; Mr. Blumenthal is using a special Alaskan keyboard where the letters P and F are next to each other. (You have to laugh to keep from crying)

  2. chayma100


    Just watched the video “Who Is Hagee Funding In Israel?” again, it’s marvellous work, and it needs to be disseminated far and wide. Too many people are still ignorant about this threat.

    I’m glad Al Jazeera snapped up a gem like you. Thank you for your wonderful work. If there is any way we can all help in promoting, feel free to make suggestions. How about translations into foreign languages? Your videos need to be available in the more popular languages too.

    Consider running for office, in a few years time. By that time Obama will have completed his second term 😉

    You have foresight of the serious problems that need sorting out in the USA. 🙂

  3. colindale


    The blockade of Gaza is illegal according to the United Nations. If anyone is still unsure, please read the Geneva Conventions on Human Rights to appreciate the difference between a legal blockade against an enemy with whom you are at war in order to secure your borders and population, and the collective punishment of a civilian population of 1.6 million unarmed people as an act of deliberate oppression by a heavily armed expansionist regime who will kill at will.

    On December 27, 2008, the IDF killed 1400 in Gaza in three bloody weeks. The majority were civilian non-combatants including 326 children under the age of 16 and 112 of their mothers, as substantiated by the UN fact finding mission, the report of which has been accepted. It was the worst kind of collective punishment – innocent children and women, plus the destruction of schools, hospitals and power installations, by the use of banned white phosphorus, missiles, cluster bombs, rockets, tank shells and machine guns.

    All this horrendous killing by a heavily armed militia against a mainly unarmed civilian population – unless you count the stone-throwing youths intent on demonstrating against their oppressors who humiliate them daily at every crossing point and deny them essential supplies including medicines. An army who used civilians as human shields and to cover this war crime alleged the opposite. The UN report obtained the evidence which the Israeli government then tried, unsuccessfully, to discredit. These are facts, not propaganda. All of the above is public domain information available at the click of a mouse.

    It is also public domain information that a Palestinian splinter group has for years fired home-made missiles at the nearest point in Israel, Sderot, in order to vent their anger at the illegal settlements and their treatment at the hands of the Israeli state. The vast majority of such missiles land harmlessly, but some cause injuries and in one or two instances, death. That has to be put into context of an extremist, expansionist state giving financial inducements to tens of thousands of its citizens to leave their homes in Israel and to settle on Palestinian land in Jerusalem and the West Bank. The killings in Gaza were a war crime and to date no one has yet been apprehended and brought before the ICC.

  4. chayma100

    The coming “Armeggeddon Lobby” (sarcasm) will be meeting in Al Quds in clear out the Messiah’s landing pad..

    Here is a timely reminder of what we’re up against..

    Beck, Hagee, and Lieberman Band Together to Fuel Armageddon Panic by Sarah Posner June 15, 2011,_hagee,_and_lieberman_band_together_to_fuel_armageddon_panic/

    The two camps, through the work of Hagee and others, have long been friends of convenience, to no good end for the Israelis and Palestinians, or, for that matter, the world.

    Hagee is probably the world’s best known, most politically connected Christian Zionist. (He recently signed on to Rick Perry’s “solemn assembly” coming up in August, an event sandwiched between CUFI’s annual conference and Beck’s Jerusalem rally.) He also has a long track record of leaning on his devotion to biblical prophecy to reveal his conspiratorial thinking about Jews, Muslims, and even Catholics. That would put him in good company with Beck, who despite being a convert to a religion that has faced discrimination from evangelicals and others, himself peddles in religious bigotry, including anti-Semitic tropes (such as George Soros being a “puppetmaster” of a “shadow government”) and Islamophobic conspiracy theories.

    Lieberman? In a word, it’s a shanda. He’s Exhibit A in What’s Wrong With the Christian Zionist-Jewish Political Alliance: Jews who lionize religious demagogues to put a “godly” imprimatur on their refusal to support an end to the occupation, all while acquiescing to the stoking of apocalyptic panic. Will he compare Beck to Moses, too?

  5. Real Jew

    What a despicable human being! His massive popularity is indicitive of the tremendous lack of knowledge among average Americans. Their knowledge pertaining to politics, religion, Iraq/Afghanistan War, ‘terrorism, Islam, and especially Israel is soley based on complete and utter bias news coverage from CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and Hagee and his ilk. What a disgrace to Christians, Jews,.muslims, and other decent humans

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