Fraudmeister Tom MacMaster calls me a self-hating Jew

After threatening to sue me, the fraud Tom MacMaster has declared that I’m a self-hating Jew and that he is the pure-hearted savior of “the Palestinian cause.” He raised these issues — including my Jewishness — out of the blue. He then ended his diatribe in almost exactly the same way the angry troll “Robert Smith” did in a comment on one of my previous posts.

The floor is yours, Tom (and orderlies in white lab coats are waiting for you in the hallway):

Screen shot 2011-06-17 at 8.31.42 PM

3 thoughts on “Fraudmeister Tom MacMaster calls me a self-hating Jew

  1. anonthropos

    Dear Tom MacMaster/Amina/Robert Stein/Robert Smith:

    You are in no position to be judging what constitues a “bizarre warped psychosis.” For your sake, I hope you have your own psychoses attended to by a qualified psychiatrist. In the meantime, please try to stop creating fake personas and sock puppets for a little while, kthnx?

    The World

  2. Dena Shunra

    Hmm. So in his world, disagreeing with him means you’re crazy and deserve to be hated by your family.

    Two thoughts:
    – first – he should run for president!
    – second – what IP address was he using for *this* run of commentary?

  3. chayma100

    Perhaps MacMaster could describe what he meant as “self hating Jew”. Does it mean a Jew who disagrees with him? That appears to be so in his case..

    It’s hard to believe the delusions of this nutcase. I doubt the Palestinians would want someone like this fraud to represent them or speak for them.

    As for “your family despises you”. That is a lie.

    The despicable one is YOU, MacMaster. Do the decent thing and apologise. Otherwise stop flinging mud and baseless accusations.

    UPDATE, for everyone else:-

    Apparently Tom MacMaster is studying at Edinburgh University, in Scotland, UK.

    His use of the University’s computer and online priveleges has been suspended. An investigation is being carried out in the meantime as he was using one of the university’s computer’s as part of the deception.

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