“Amina” Fraud Tom MacMaster Threatens To Sue Me (Updated)

Screen shot 2011-06-17 at 4.56.39 PMUpdate: I traced the IP address of angry commenter “Robert Stein” to Istanbul, Turkey. Did MacMaster, who has said he is currently on vacation in Istanbul, create a new fake online persona to attack me and my factual reporting about him?

Tom MacMaster, the married white man who posed as the Syrian lesbian “Amina,” didn’t like my factual reporting about him and his Facebook page. He seems to be threatening legal action against me if I don’t remove the post. He also thinks I’m “considerably worse” than him.

I could not help noticing the similarity in tone and content between MacMaster’s note and the comments on my previous post by “Jim Smith” and “Robert Stein.” Has MacMaster created more fake online personas?

Our exchange is below:

Screen shot 2011-06-17 at 4.20.50 PM

7 thoughts on ““Amina” Fraud Tom MacMaster Threatens To Sue Me (Updated)

  1. seham

    What I want to know is if anyone can sue Tom McFraudster for the energy and resources that the State Dept put into investigating whether a US citizen was actually detained or not. Also, can he be sued for the pain and anguish he caused people that he had fake online relationships with? That he would threaten you, Max, is truly the sign that this is one unstable mofo.

  2. chayma100

    I agree. MacMaster has wasted the time and energy of countless people, to say ntohing of endangering Syrians. He deserves to be in the dock.

    Tom MacMaster
    You are no better than me>
    Oh but you are wrong. You were self promoting at others expense, endangering lives. Max was reporting on your vile self promoting. Self promotion in itself isn’t a crime, but endangering the lives of Syrians so that you can get a moment’s glory is beneath contempt.

    I do not desire to take action, but presume you to be a gentleman

    Max is certainly more of a gentlemen than you ever will be.

    How dare you threaten and attempt to intimidate like this. You made yourself a public concern by your actions.

    Live with it.

  3. AdamAW

    I don’t know why you are bothering with this guy. He has destroyed his own reputation, and has no credibility. I also find the original article a bit distasteful as I do not think that this guy’s friends’ Facebook’s messages should be made public in this way.

    I also think that Max has ‘bigger fish to fry’ and shouldn’t be wasting his time and energy picking fights with marginal figures.

  4. AdamAW

    When I watched your contribution to the BDS debate with J – Street I was so impressed by the clarity and eloquence of your points. Even though I only watched it once I think about it all the time. Perhaps I am prone to wishful thinking, but I saw you someone who could cast a big spot-light on the reality of Israel and American-Israeli relations, whilst also making a compassionate plee for the forces of humanity and compassion to prevail above those of nationalism, and hate.

    Come on Max – think BIG and focus your energies where they really count!

  5. AdamAW

    Did he really call you a ‘self-hating Jew’? I don’t see that from the Facebook message posted here. Granted it is not very nice.

    What is a ‘self-hating Jew’ anyway? As far as I’m aware the term is only ever used to try to defame Jews who are critical of Israel. That being so no one who claims to have sympathy for the cause of Palestinians should ever use it. To do so in my book is equivalent to using the n-word and then claiming not to be racist.

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