Tell the Jewish National Fund to stop the pogrom against Al Arakib. Call them now.

Israeli riot police fire teargas at women from Al Arakib during the 18th attack on the village

Israeli riot police fire teargas at women from Al Arakib during the 18th attack on the village

Yesterday morning, the Bedouin village of Al Arakib withstood the 18th pogrom against it by the Jewish National Fund and Israeli riot police. I mentioned in my last post that I would begin promoting actions to hold the Jewish National Fund accountable for violently ethnic cleansing Al Arakib in order to build the GOD TV Forest of Hate. Now here is something everyone who reads this blog (minus the professional hasbara trolls) can and should do: Join the Jewish Voice for Peace call in campaign to demand that the JNF cease demolishing villages like Al Arakib. Tell your local JNF office to stop the pogroms against the indigenous population of the Negev. To be sure, this is a minor action that will probably yield only dismissive responses from JNF representatives, but it is important to apply pressure and get them on the record.

I also recommend registering your opinions on the JNF’s Facebook page.

Here are the contact details courtesy of JVP:

JNF National Office (international callers add 001 to beginning of US Phone numbers): (212) 879-9300

Jerusalem Office (from US)  011-972-2-563-5638

Regional Offices:


West Coast, Central, and Northern Florida: (727) 536-5263 or (813) 960-5263

Tampa: (407) 804-5568

South Florida (561) 447-9733

Miami/Dade (800) 211-1502 or (561) 447-9733

Greater New York (212) 879-9300

Greater Los Angeles (323) 964-1400


Baltimore/ Delaware: (410) 486-3317

Washington, DC (301) 589-8565


Chicagoland (847) 656-8880

Michigan (248) 324-3080

Midwest States (Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota) (888) 563-0099

Northern Ohio (216) 464-3888

Southern Ohio (513) 794-1300 or (888) 563-0099

Western Pennsylvania (412) 521-3200

Wisconsin (414) 963-8733

New England (617) 423-0999


Eastern Pennsylvania (215) 832-0690

New Jersey (973) 593-0095


Arizona (602) 277-4800

Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming & Utah (303) 573-7095

Northern California and Pacific Northwest (415) 677-9600 or (888) JNF-0099

Orange County, CA (949)-260-0400

San Diego (858) 824-9178

Palm Springs (760)864-6208

Las Vegas (702) 434-6505

South (404) 236-8990

11 thoughts on “Tell the Jewish National Fund to stop the pogrom against Al Arakib. Call them now.

  1. lindaj

    When I called the Chicago one (called a few others first), the switchboard transferred me to some woman’s cell phone who said she had nothing to do with JNF. I made sure to ask if she was connected to JNF. Either she’s lying or they are playing a dirty trick on her.

  2. gd

    I first called a local office, they gave me a number to call “just for this” (516) 941 3825, My response has even more fueled by this, I told them I contacted their office because I live in their community. For decades I have been active in environment matters, I who would normally support the planting of needed trees. However, I oppose destroying villages. I was told that the information I had was wrong and there were two side. I told her I’m well informed and there is only one side, only one humanity. There are no sides, when you destroy one life you destroy humanity, opposite of the jewish teaching “when you save one life you save humanity”, I told them not to say there are sides, it is not a regional issue, a jews and non-jews issue, it is our one human issue. I got off the phone more furious then when I got on.

  3. lindaj

    hi, max. i think it was new york that hung up on me. los angeles put me to voicemail and one of the other ones was very polite (sounded like a young girll) and sent me to voicemail also.

  4. AdamAW

    I called the Jerusalem office and spoke to the lady on reception.

    She was actually very polite, but told me that the message was too long.

    I was given the following e-mail address (I hope I’ve got it right):

  5. AdamAW

    Here was my message anyhow:

    Hello and greetings from the United Kingdom,

    I am writing to you to request that you try to negotiate a respectful arrangement with the Bedouin villagers of Al Arakib.

    I have learnt the the village was attacked yesterday by Israeli Riot Police upon the instigation of your organisation, in order that you may build a forest in its place.

    Please can you have compassion for these poor villagers who have every right to live in this land and no where else to go.

    With Best Wishes,

    Adam Waterhouse

  6. andrew r

    No epic battle with zio-troll this was.

    Said concerned about the house demolitions in the Negev and the JNF should tell the Israeli govt. and ILA to stop and refrain from any program involved. Attempted to say this to two reps who transferred me to the same answering machine, where I repeated roughly the same thing. The Midwest one listened for a bit and seemed bewildered. The one in NY knew what to do right away. Both said to the effect, “let me transfer you to the right department.”

    On the first rep, I got out something about the chair Lauder and CEO Russell.

  7. AmericanNYC

    Didn’t the “indigenous population” of the negev have human slaves until they were freed in 1948?

  8. andrew r

    It wouldn’t matter if they did. Abolishing one form of tyranny only to bring in another is still tyranny. Some Zionist apologia I’ve read praised the abolition of the effendi class. Of course the takeover of Palestine abolished the peasants in the bargain.

    By the way, as you’ve probably wondered out loud why anti-Zionists aren’t concerned about Tibet, it’s common to apologize for the Chinese occupation by pointing to the feudal system of Tibet.

    “Tibet’s former slaves say they, too, don’t want their former masters to return to power. “I’ve already lived that life once before,” said Wangchuk, a 67-year-old former slave who was wearing his best clothes for his yearly pilgrimage to Shigatse, one of the holiest sites of Tibetan Buddhism. He said he worshipped the Dalai Lama, but added, “I may not be free under Chinese communism, but I am better off than when I was a slave.”57”

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