On the origins of Palin’s blood libel gaffe

I was just recently on the Young Turks with Tina Dupuy discussing Palin’s blood libel gaffe, the murder of Judge John Roll, and extremism in Arizona. Here is a clip:

David Samel has more at Mondoweiss on the exploitation of the blood libel by Alan Dershowitz, who has stepped forward to defend Palin (he apparently doesn’t want to be robbed of one of his favorite smear tactics).

12 thoughts on “On the origins of Palin’s blood libel gaffe

  1. walt kovacs

    wrong again max

    never mind that when you say the word jewish, it sounds like you are spitting bile…breitbart was not the first commentator to use the term “blood libel” in this context…although the person who used it (a non JEWISH) commentator, might have been quoted on one of andrew’s blogs.

    amazing how radical leftists like you, who make their bones creating blood libels against jews and israelis, are upset at the misuse of the term

    you dont own it…you cut yourself off from your people long ago

  2. failinpalin

    Max isn’t a radical left. Why is it when palinbots don’t want to hear the opinions from the other side of the aisle, they attack, insult and accuse?? I keep wondering WHY the rightwingers are so ANGRY! Nobody wants to listen to you guys when you’re behaving like schoolyard bullies. Many of us believe palin has been irresponsible with her comments and rhetoric to put it mildly. Max didn’t say anything that could be construed as mean or untruthful or radical. IMO he is more then qualified to be heard based on his research and being on the front line in Arizona and even visiting palin’s church. So walt kovac should leave the room or sit down and be quiet while adults discuss important issues.

  3. walt kovacs


    i am a liberal….i dont like palin because she is a phony…and has never had an original thought in her entire life

    she doesnt know what a blood libel is or where the term originates from

    but i take umbrage when leftists who only become jews when it suits their political agenda, like max, weiss and silverstein, get upset when someone of palin’s ilk subverts the term

    as all three are guilty of their own forms of blood libel

    unless you believe that interviewintg drunken american college kids and passing that vid off as representative of the typical israeli, in order to make americans and other individuals hate the jew….is a good thing to do

    and that is just one example

    oh…the child here is you….for you (like all radical lefties) are incapable of rational thought

  4. gd


    Walt is a regular hasbra spammer here, he does not care what the blog is on, he only cares about zionist expansion. He thinks jews are a separate race from humanity, everyone who cares about people in general (jews, muslims, christians, israelis, palestinians, everyone else), he sees as his personal enemy.

    God died and made you king of the jews? How can you claim Max cut himself off from his people, he’s got over 6 billion.

  5. poyani

    Walt Kovaks,

    You are super religious and have at times supported application of religious beliefs to law. You openly support racism and racist policies. You support the most extreme ends of American foreign policy.

    If you consider these beliefs “liberal” then you are just as “liberal” as you are educated.


  6. poyani


    You wrote to Kovaks “God died and made you king of the jews?”

    It’s funny that you mention that. Everytime I accuse Kovaks of saying something that is fascist, he claims that I am calling the entire Jewish people fascist.

    It’s amazing. He does actually consider himself either the King of the Jews or a representative of every Jewish person out there. To reject his fascist (and yes, that is not an exaggeration, he is a self-hating closeted fascist) ideology is, in his views, a form of antisemitism.


  7. walt kovacs


    i am not “super religious”, unless you consider keeping the laws of the torah, “super religious”….

    i do not support racist policies…as a child, i participated in civil rights marches and the boycott of grapes

    i do not support the the extreme ends of american foreign policy…i was against both wars in iraq

    you dont know me….but i know you

    a terrorist sympathizer and a supporter of the radical regime in iran

    you are not one to cast judgement on what is and what is not liberal

    and gd….no, i am not the king of the jews….but unlike max and his buddies weiss and silverstein, i have not cut myself off from my people

    and i am not a propogandist

    unlike the rest of you…i will not buy into the arab myths regarding israel

  8. gd

    Walt, you cut yourself of from our people (humanity) with your zionism = judaism. I will not support any state that discriminates based on sex, national origin, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, color, age, disability, etc. There is only one people, humans. There are as many forms of judaism as there are Jews, same goes for each religion and ethnicity. We are not clones or cookie cut soulless fools following mindlessly books and clergy. You may have lost your capacity to discern, fortunately other have not. I sincerely hope you regain your compassion and stop hating others for keeping their compassion.

  9. walt kovacs


    the belief that israel is the homeland for all jews is a main precept of the religion

    and really….you wont support a state that discriminates? so you support israel, that grants gays the right to serve in the military, has full equal rights for women, just took in more immigrants from ethiopia and tunis…etc

    and yet….you also support hamas…which kills gays, gives no rights to women or other ethnic and religious minorities, and openly advocates the killing of jews

    but i guess its not discrimination when arabs do it

    you are seriously delusional

    of course you have lost the ability to discern…..your jew hate blinds you
    get help

  10. gd

    My mistake Walt, I keep forgetting you are not a real thinking, feeling individual, but a hasbara muck spout.

    Poyani, I need to forget Walt is here, I normally don’t read his comments. Keep well 🙂

  11. Arabi

    cut the hasbara bot some slack, will ya, gd?

    the Bar-bouncer’s ministry pays by the word, and our friend here can only puke so much. He’s probably got an army of children to feed, just like those Haredim bums. and besides, the hasbara that he vomits here has the right to exist ;). you can’t delegitimize it, or else, you’ll be an anti semite!….capice?

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