GOD TV and the Jewish National Fund plant the Forest Of Hate

In August, I witnessed the third demolition of the unrecognized Bedouin village of Al-Arakib in Israel’s Negev desert. It was a harrowing scene that I will never forget. And it has been repeated five times since then, forcing the residents to sleep in the open air while rebuilding their homes over and over. I knew at the time that the Jewish National Fund, a quasi-governmental organization that plants trees all around Israel, especially over destroyed Palestinian villages, planned to establish a forest on the land that Al-Arakib stood. But I didn’t know at the time that the financing for the forest came from an extreme dominionist evangelical broadcasting network called GOD TV, or that the forest, which already represented an insane plan since it was going to fill an arid desert with non-native trees, would be called “GOD TV Forest.”

GOD TV and Jewish National Fund’s Forest Of Hate from Max Blumenthal on Vimeo.

Since then, GOD TV’s real motives have come to light. And (surprise, surprise!), GOD TV personality and complete huckster Rory Alec makes no secret of his desire “to plant a million trees to prepare the land for the return of [God’s] son.” Once again, the Jewish — I repeat, Jewish! — state of Israel has partnered with open anti-Semites to dispossess the Palestinian un-people.

To illustrate the perversity of the JNF and GOD TV’s plans, I have embedded in this post a video I helped create that intersperses footage of Rory Alec promoting his End Times forest to his viewing audience with footage I shot of Al-Arakib’s destruction by Israeli forces. Alec is standing less than a kilometer from Al-Arakib in the video. By the end, he is seen giving a check to the mayor of Givot Bar, a Jews-only settlement in the Negev that requires residents to pony up 5000 shekels just to apply for residency (sorry, no poor Mizrahi Jews allowed to live here either!).

So who is this Rory Alec character that the Jewish National Fund and the Givot Bar mayor have partnered with? Rachel Tabachnick, who is among the leading experts on the evangelical right-wing theology known as dominionism, has written an extensive analysis of Rory and (wife) Wendy Alec’s role in mainstreaming subtly anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Here is an excerpt, but be sure to read the whole thing (and yes, the Alec’s believe that 9/11 was carried out by the Illuminati):

In the series written by the God TV host, the events of 9/11 were not orchestrated by Osama bin Laden and terrorists, but by the “Secret Illuminati Council of 13” headed by a Jesuit priest.

The 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati is still marketed by The Prophecy Club and these 1990s videos and similar narratives are now all over the internet.  One YouTube segment of Springmeier speaking for the Prophecy Club on the 13 bloodlines has been viewed almost 300,000 times.  This same motif of 13 satanic bloodlines is also used in conspiracy theories about U.S. currency in which it is claimed that the symbols on bills including groups of 13 stars, etc. indicate that America is controlled by this Jewish/Freemasonry/Illuminati cabal. (The symbols are in quantities of 13 because they represent the 13 colonies.)

God TV was launched in 1995 from the U.K. by South African couple Rory and Wendy Alec.  The network claims to reach a half billion people in North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia.  Broadcast from Jerusalem since 2002, the founders claim they have a “divine mandate to win one billion souls.”

Wendy Alec is the author of Journal of the Unknown Prophet and claims to have had a visitation from Jesus through which she was shown visions of the future.  She is also author of the ongoing series of fiction books titled the Chronicle of Brothers. The books are published by Warboys Publishing, Ltd., in London, founded in 2001 and thus far publishing only Wendy Alec’s books.  The series juxtaposes narratives of modern times with Lucifer’s fall from heaven and biblical-based stories.  When Lucifer realizes that humans are being given God’s DNA, he goes into a rage of envy and finds a way to pollute the human race with his own DNA.  An array of demonic characters including the Dread Warlocks of Ishtar, Black Magi, Demon Witches of Babylon, Shaman Kings and interact with the “Race of Humans” in both biblical times and the present.

The narrative parallels widespread New World Order conspiracy theories.  The following passage is from the closing pages of  Messiah: The First Judgment and introduces the next book in the series, Son of Perdition. The scene takes place on September 10, 2001 as the Jesuit priest Lorcan DeMolay contemplates the events planned for 9/11.  De Molay is looking over the Council of 13 Illuminati:

“He surveyed the men seated before him.  The Council of Thirteen, the highest orders of the Committee of 300, the Black Nobility of Venice.  The Supreme Mother Council of the of the thirty-third-degree masons of the Scottish Rite.He scanned the faces of the chairman of the Club of Rome, the Federal Reserve, the Bilderberger Group, the International Monetary Fund, the Bohemian Grove, the Lucius Trust, his gaze finally resting on the Frater Superior and Grand Tribunal of the Ordo Templi Orienti.

The Grand Masters of the Illuminati.

The secret Illuminati who controlled the American government.

Who controlled every government of the Eastern and Western world.

Who in turn were controlled by him.

Lorcan De Molay.”

Note that the wording is slightly different in Son of Peridition than the preview at the end of Messiah:  The First Judgement.In hardcore anti-Semitic literature, like Fritz Springmeier’s 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati, the Illuminati families are Jews, including the Rothschilds, and those the author claims are crypto-Jews, including the Rockefellers.  In overt anti-Semitic literature the Rockefellers are claimed to have infiltrated Mainline Protestant denominations in order to destroy Christianity from the inside.  Similar narratives claim Jews as the plotters behind Jesuits and Freemasons.

I heard these very same conspiracy theories when I interviewed the people who gathered in a basement to hear the Holocaust denier David Irving speak. Richard Silverstein has much more here on the JNF/GOD TV Forest Of Hate.

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