Confronting the Hebron Settlers in New York

Jewish settler graffiti painted on door of Palestinian home in Hebron's H2 apartheid zone (photo by me)

Jewish settler graffiti painted on door of Palestinian home in Hebron's H2 apartheid zone (photo by me)

On November 16, the Hebron Fund, a tax exempt 501 c-3, held its annual fundraising dinner at Chelsea Piers. The Hebron Fund named its gala “The Hebron Aid Flotilla,” deliberately mocking the massacre of 9 activists on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. The event consisted of a few hundred supporters — and residents — of the most racist, violent Jewish settlements in the West Bank cruising around New York for a few hours. To paraphrase Benjamin Netanyahu, this was no love boat. I do not think it is much of an exaggeration to describe the Hebron settlers as the Ku Klux Klan of Israel. These are the people who celebrated Yitzhak Rabin’s murder, who hailed Baruch Goldstein as a gever, who routinely terrorize and attack defenseless residents in Hebron’s H2 apartheid zone, and who abuse the Star of David as a symbol of Judeo-fascism, painting it on the doors of the Palestinian homes and shops they have forcibly closed.

I stood with about 100 demonstrators outside Chelsea Piers in silent protest of the Hebron Fund’s cruise. A group from J Street’s campus division protested nearby, but would not stand with us, which was weird but not unexpected. Regardless, it was nice to see that a few liberal Zionists were willing to back up their talk about removing settlements to make a Palestinian state possible. I hung around for an hour with good people like Joseph Dana, Noam Sheizaf, Adam Shapiro and Huwaida Arraf, Emily Henochowicz, Rebecca Vilkomersen, the Bitar family, Daniel Levy, Daniel May and a former Givati brigade soldier who turned his back on the occupation and now wears a Cynthia McKinney button emblazoned on his IDF uniform.

After the demo petered out, Joseph and I decided to gather up as many people as we could to speak to the Hebron Fund organizers directly. We found about 12 people still milling around; not many, but enough for a minyan. As soon as we reached the Hebron Fund’s registration desk, the group’s director, Yossi Baumol, began screaming about a series of prank phone calls he had received in the past few days. An activist who goes by the alias of Harrabic Tubman and who co-founded the Palestine solidarity/hip-hop network Existence is Resistance, which promotes the music of Palestinian hip-hop queen Shadia Mansour, confronted Baumol with his cheerleading for a settler leader’s decision to run over a 10-year-old Palestinian boy with his car in Silwan, Jerusalem. I told Baumol he should be ashamed to be raising money in public. For some reason this prompted him to launch into a bizarre rant that concluded with his announcement that he was a liberal. (Arthur Schlesinger has nothing on this guy!) Then, like the settlers of Hebron, Baumol scurried away behind a phalanx of security guards. See it for yourself above.

23 thoughts on “Confronting the Hebron Settlers in New York

  1. walt kovacs

    hanging out with members of the ism?

    good deal

    you just got yourself banned from entering israel proper….good job

    oh, and you cant massacre people who are wielding weapons, stab and shoot soldiers and align themselves with hamas terrorists

  2. lindaj

    i wonder if mr. kovacs was wearing an israeli flag as he typed his pathetic drivel — you know, like that zionist attorney in san francisco who maced those jewish voice for peace people in the face.

    sorry mr. kovacs — no fun you tube of YOUR efforts.

  3. andrew r

    and you cant massacre people who are wielding weapons, stab and shoot soldiers

    According to Kovacs the Warsaw Ghetto fighters could not have been massacred.

  4. walt kovacs

    hey lindaj

    that atty is a gay, disabled, woman, who was attacked when she attempted to videotape the proceedings….nice to see who the real fascists are in this world

    and andrew…nice to see another attempt at comparing israel to nazi germany…only prob is…the people in the warsaw ghetto were not committing an act of war by trying to breach a legal blockade…and no one in the warsaw ghetto was connected with terrorist activities….the ihh have been banned from both germany and france as a result of their activities

    and yes…i am a proud supporter of israel…and i dont have to stoop to lying about events…unlike max…who again posted an edited vid to attempt to make his point

    the incident in sliwan was an orchestrated ambush

  5. hophmi

    Can you please link to the so-called video of Baumol claiming he would have run over the boy too? I haven’t seen the evidence. Your video is about the incident, but not about Baumol, and frankly, I’m not inclined to believe the word of a prank caller.

    What I can’t stand about you Max, is that you took the guy whose organization is quite controversial, and you made him look fantastic. And you lie as usual. Baumol is not screaming at all. He’s talking about prank calls he received about an interview that he was told would not be recorded.

    Why do you lie, Max? Is this what your dad taught you to do?

  6. andrew r

    nice to see another attempt at comparing israel to nazi germany

    The ghetto fighters who weren’t able to escape were killed. You can’t massacre people who shoot at soldiers.

    i dont have to stoop to lying about events

    Only in the sense you’re too obedient to think outside Israeli propaganda and that’s being generous. You have no proof those killed on the Mavi Marmara were aligned with Hamas other than they were sailing to Gaza, which of course isn’t proof at all. It would be nice if you told us how you know any of the passengers shot at the soldiers. As to the legality of the blockade there are some requirements Israel has apparently not met.

  7. walt kovacs

    boy andrew, guess this is proof that no matter what a video shows, the one viewing it will see what he/she wants to….not one photographer “rushed” to aid the kid…and at least one threw rocks at the car

    and the videographer never stopped taping

    and why were they there?

    interesting that you wont answer that question….this was an ambush…a setup…an example of how pallywood uses those with weak minds like yourself to push their agenda

    btw, if that child was so severely injured…why was he fighting to stay out of the car?

    bet you wont answer that one either

    and andrew….why dont you google (you do know how to use google…right) what the german and french government say about the ihh

    and they are indeed aligned with hamas

    and everyone of those killed was a member of the ihh

  8. andrew r

    Responding in order:

    Something like 8-10 people rushed to help the kid. Some of them were holding cameras. People can watch the video, you know.

    “and the videographer never stopped taping”

    And your problem with this is what. He gave you all this wonderful Pallywood footage.

    “and why were they there?”

    Maybe they live in the neighborhood? We’re not getting into this ‘land without a people’ crap now.

    “interesting that you wont answer that question…”

    You didn’t answer my question how you know anyone on that ship used a gun. Real interesting (Not really. Not surprising, either.).
    Oh yeah, maybe you should try asking someone who was there. It makes sense given how much you care about the facts.

    “btw, if that child was so severely injured…why was he fighting to stay out of the car?”

    I don’t know and you don’t. Maybe, given the fact he was hit by an automobile, getting into the car hurt like a bitch. Again, asking him would make a lot of sense. You are right that we can’t tell everything from the video. You just have your mind made up that this was staged because that’s what Palestinians do (Like Jews ferment communist revolution…oops I didn’t say that).

    “and andrew….why dont you google (you do know how to use google…right) what the german and french government say about the ihh”

    The French and German govts make allegations against the ihh. Allegations do not become ipso facto because they are against perceived enemies of Israel, although you and the rest of Israel’s sycophants do not manifest the ability to understand this. Some people care about the distinction between allegations and evidence.

    “and they are indeed aligned with hamas”

    See above.

    “and everyone of those killed was a member of the ihh”

    And as we all know, people whose ideology is an existential danger to Israel can’t be massacred.

    Now maybe you can tell me how you know a gun was used against the soldiers on the Mavi Marmara.

  9. Leigh

    Walt kovacs and Andrew, I guess the IHH terrorism thing will come down to what one thinks terrorism is. I’m South African, so I live in a country where a once supposit terrorist organisation is now the government. The people who used to throw grenades into restaurants and planted mines in shopping malls are now ministers and senior army officers. The same can be said for the the Algerian FLN, Sinn Fein, and of course the Israeli Irgun. So I don’t allow anyone else to tell me who is a terrorist organisation and who isn’t, I can judge for myself which cases of resistance are just and which ones not, and which cases of oppression are just and which ones not. I don’t need the approval of France, Germany, the United States or Israel.

    Anyway, I know that Germany is banning the IHH e.V., which is a different organisation from the IHH. And they can’t even claim that the IHH e.V. has links with Hamas; they claim that they fund social groups that are connected with Hamas. But since Hamas is the government in Gaza, many organisations necessarily have to have something to do with them if they want to function in Gaza. so I’d have to see the exact evidence Germany has, I’m sceptical. All I know is that on current European and US rules, apartheid South Africa would never have ended because helping the ANC and other opposition groups would not have been allowed.

  10. walt kovacs


    you are insane….as the car drives on…no one rushes to help the kid…they continue shooting and one of the photographers throws stones at the car….it is not till the car is well down the road that they turn to the little terrorist in training….

    as for the mavi marmarah….idf commandos were beaten and stabbed…before anyone was shot….i dont care if the terrorists on board had guns…the commandos acted in self defense

    you know who was massacred? the four people who were driving in their car and were machine gunned down by hamas terrorists on the west bank…and yet, you dont give crap one about them

    you are a sick, insane, fool

  11. andrew r

    Actually Kovacs, it doesn’t matter if I give a crap about them. I’m not the one who bribed them to go there with cheap mortgages. The Israeli govt. puts its own civilians in harms way by paying them to live in a conflict zone. All the settlers are either there because the only state that cares about Jewish people can’t provide them affordable housing in its own territory or they are ideologically committed to chasing out the natives. Even then the govt. should not allow them to cross into occupied territory.

    The poor commandos were lynched. The poor commandos who rappelled from a helicopter that shot at the deck beforehand.

    Let’s see, the driver could’ve done anything at that point. And being armed isn’t out of the question. Someone even begins rushing to the kid before the car drives off and hesitates.

    “terrorist-in-training” – Am I supposed to not believe you harbor a wish to exterminate the Palestinians?

  12. Cliff

    Kovacs get a life. Whenever I visit this blog, all I see is your inanely idiotic schizo hasbara in the recent comment section.

    No one believes you but your fellow cult members (hophmi, etc.).


  13. J

    “Why do you support people that attack little girls?”
    Gee – what an intelligent and reasonable question to convince others of your point of view. If someone else were to adopt your elementary school style of political debate they might ask anyone associated with you why the continue to support someone, who despite growing up with a silver spoon in his mouth thinks its appropriate to make fun of people that grew up in death camps losing all their money. Speaking of hiding behind security – how much security did you and your dad have when you were growing up Max? Well, I guess you had to grow up nice and safe and provided for so that you could make a career out of making fun of holocaust survivors losing their money.

  14. J

    Harrabic Tubman’s prank call was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard. Did you think it was funny the way she called Yossi by the name Shlomo? Get it – because Yossi is obviously Jewish and Shlomo is a Jewish name even though thats not his name. Haha hillarious Max. Kind of like calling any random Muslim Mohammed. Great company you keep there Shlomo, uhh I mean Max.

  15. Cliff

    What does it matter? As if a ZioNazi freak like you cares. Why do you even post? Oh right, to reaffirm anti-Zionists’ convictions. Whenever I feel a bit doubtful, all I have to do is read something by you or ‘Walt Kovacs’ or ‘eee’ or ‘jon s’ or ‘jonah’ or whichever ZioTroll douchebag who pops up on a blog defending ethnic cleansing, indiscriminate mass killing, house demolitions, racial profiling, colonization, etc. etc. all specifically because it’s done by Jews and then turn around and call everyone else a racist.

    This on-going dialogue is fun and all hophmi, but you’re not doing your cult any favors. Maybe thats why Israel needs so much PR and so much money. Gotta make all the shit smell like roses.

  16. poyani

    I love how Walt Kovaks shamelessly uses old antisemitic ideas against Palestinians. Pallywood eh Walt? So the stateless weak poor Palestinians secretly control the world media?? What else? Do they also secretly control the financial system through which they are secretly plotting the take-over of the world?

    I guess if you support the notion of a racially purified motherland, you use the ideas of others who have personal experience with this kind of project.

  17. andrew r

    “Do they also secretly control the financial system through which they are secretly plotting the take-over of the world?”

    The Saudis have that covered.

  18. hophmi

    “What does it matter? As if a ZioNazi freak like you cares. Why do you even post?”

    Love you too, Cliff.

    I’m gonna keep posting, particularly when Max tells bald-faced lies.

  19. Harrabic Tubman

    Ok – So I dont know why my name is being thrown in as the prank caller….for that one sir, you are wrong. “J” or whatever your name is.

    Also, lets look at right and wrong. It is wrong for children to throw rocks at windows of moving cars, however, why is the racist settler zionist leader driving through an Arab neighborhood when it is MORE than clear that Arabs are not allowed in certain Jewish neighborhoods let alone going NEAR a settlement….it gives the person NO RIGHT to attempt to murder that child. Please grow up

    Thanks Max for another Great video….

  20. mariam.for.peace

    i know harrabic and her organization…which is not a promotions team for shadia mansour, she is actual a professional manager for music artists including the palestinian hip hop queen. i think while this was an informative piece, it implies to the fools commenting that harrabic called this man. not the case. there was a campaign to prank them, it was probably a long list of people.

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