Will The NY Times Ever Retract Michael Oren’s Falsehoods?

Michael Oren makes stuff up. But the NY Times doesnt have to publish it.

Michael Oren makes stuff up. But the NY Times doesn't have to publish it.

Nearly a month after publishing Israeli Ambassador the US Michael Oren’s apologia for the flotilla massacre, the NY Times has yet to correct two of the most glaring lies Oren made. The first of Oren’s deceptions was his assertion that “religious extremists embedded among those on board were paid and equipped to attack Israelis.” The notion that al-Qaeda affiliated mercenaries were on board the Mavi Marmara was discredited as soon as the IDF Spokesman’s Office changed a headline on a press release about terrorist “mercenaries” to read, “Attackers of the IDF Found Without Identification Papers.” The headline was quietly altered on June 3, the same day the Times published Oren’s op-ed. Shouldn’t their fact checkers and editors been better informed?

The second of Oren’s lies was at least as ludicrous as his first. He wrote:

Also found on the boat were propaganda clips showing passengers “injured” by Israeli forces; these videos, however, were filmed during daylight, hours before the nighttime operation occurred.

If this was true, then where were the clips? Why hasn’t the IDF released any footage to support Oren’s claim? Probably because such clips do not exist anywhere. As far as I can tell, they were never on the website of the IDF Spokesman’s Office or the Israeli Foreign Ministry. The footage is not even available on YouTube. So where are they? Certainly the IDF would have wanted to publish anything that supported its version of events. But they could not conjure anything to bolster Oren’s bizarre claim (which seemed to suggest that the killing and maiming of flotilla passengers by Israeli commandos was simply “propaganda” and therefore never happened).

Unless Oren or the Israeli military can produce the “propaganda clips” Oren mentioned, the New York Times should be compelled to retract the falsehoods it published. The Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt can be reached at public@nytimes.com or (212) 556-7652

11 thoughts on “Will The NY Times Ever Retract Michael Oren’s Falsehoods?

  1. walt kovacs

    i agree, oren should be asked to clarify his statements.

    but it is quite clear that the ihh is made up of religious extremists…and while the connection between them and al quiada may be tenuous at best…their connection to hamas is quite clear…as shown in this video


    i believe that oren also pointed out the excessive amounts of cash found on the passengers. now some attempted (in subsequent interviews) to state that the reason they were bringing in these large amounts of cash were so to give directly to the people. the question then is why was not the money collected and kept in one place?

    as for the vids that oren alludes to…yes, i would like to see those too. if they do not exist, oren should state that he was in error

    but as long as you choose to ignore the lee vid, with its incriminating evidence against the members of the flotilla, as well as other video evidence that many on the mavi marmara were indeed not humanitarian aid workers…why should oren be better than you?

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  4. poyani

    walt kovacs,

    Don’t you find it even a little out-of-place, for the government of a state founded on the basis that god gave the Jewish people land (but, as always, forgot to sign the receipt) to bitch about “religious fundamentalism”?

    To this day, the government of Israel subsidizes Israeli settlers who steal and murder on purely religious grounds.

    Isn’t the Israeli government’s complaints similar to Al Qaeda complaining that it was a victim of religious extremism?

  5. walt kovacs


    israel subsizes almost everyone who resides in the state…they are basically a socialized country

    there are alot of private monies that go into subsidizing the “settlements”

    however, nice of you to pick and choose which fundamentalists you wish to support

    i will support the ones who created a liberal democratic state

    you, and the rest of the faux liberals who now call themselves progressives (and are in fact an arm of the stornfronters, and if you dont believe me, go to their site and look at the threads on israel, and be amazed at how similar their arguments are to yours) can continue supporting the fundamentalists who kill and torture gays, treat women as 3rd class citizens, murder and maim political rivals, and make sure that there is no freedom of speech.

    oh….and the torah (bible) is the signed receipt.

    and in regards to the “stealing of land” i suggest you look at the history of the land from roman times and explain to me how so many arabs claim ownership to lands where only a tiny part was ever allowed to be privatized.

  6. poyani

    walt kovacs

    You said “nice of you to pick and choose which fundamentalists you wish to support

    i will support the ones who created a liberal democratic state”

    Let me make this clear to you. It makes me sick to my stomach when I hear that some suicide bomber scum decided to blow himself up and take the life of innocent child, or a mother, or someone’s father. It bothers me to see Israelis die.

    I don’t support the terrorism of Hamas or the PIJ or Al Qaeda.

    The difference between you and me brother, is that I always oppose terrorism and religious fundamentalism, while you oppose terrorism and religious fundamentalism, only it suites your ideology.

  7. poyani

    walt kovacs said
    “nice of you to pick and choose which fundamentalists you wish to support

    oh….and the torah (bible) is the signed receipt. ”

    I don’t support any fundamentalists. You on the other hand. clear are a religious fundamentalist. Don’t bitch about Hamas if you consider the torah a “receipt”.

    As for how seriously we should take the bible, well, I’ll let the great one explain.


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