Israeli Gov. Promotes Glenn Beck’s Gaza Flotilla Screed

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs — the diplomatic disaster area of Avigdor Lieberman — is promoting Glenn Beck’s infamous episode on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla on its “selected articles” page. Apparently Israel’s department of hasbara does not realize that Beck is looked at by everyone but the most ardent members of the Tea Party movement as a conspiratorial, racist demagogue with no credibility. Nor does it seem to care that Beck has an extensive record of endorsing the work of virulent anti-Semites like the Nazi apologist Elizabeth Dilling.

Didi Remez has an excellent analysis at Coteret on what he calls “the Tea Partying of the US-Israel relationship.” Remez reports that numerous mainstream Israeli opinion leaders have posted the Beck clip on the Facebook pages along with Caroline Glick’s notoriously racist, “We Con The World” video. Now the Israeli government has gotten in on the act. It’s no wonder being “pro-Israel” in the US is becoming increasingly synonymous with being a Tea Party-style Republican.

A screenshot of Beck's flotilla episode promoted on the Israeli Foreign Ministry website

A screenshot of Beck's flotilla episode promoted on the Israeli Foreign Ministry website

Thanks to Marsha Cohen for the tip.

15 thoughts on “Israeli Gov. Promotes Glenn Beck’s Gaza Flotilla Screed

  1. rakista

    From what I understand the vast majority of Israeli media is a mish mash of conspiratorial politics, paranoid ravings and jackboot jingoism. Glenn Beck could star in a Blue’s Clues remake in Israel.

  2. CriticalThinker

    I try SO hard to support Israel. I fight with fellow progressives all the time to try to put things in perspective. I try to get people to understand the Christian right’s cynical support for Israel. I am offended at the suggestion that Israel does not have a right to exist. I try to educate people by using Sykes-Picot and the Faisal-Weizmann accords as a starting place. As a gay Jew I am proud of Israel’s LGBT policies.

    Nevertheless, Israel’s irrational government seems to want to make it impossible to be supportive.

    David Hart

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  4. hophmi

    “From what I understand the vast majority of Israeli media is a mish mash of conspiratorial politics, paranoid ravings and jackboot jingoism. Glenn Beck could star in a Blue’s Clues remake in Israel.”

    Then you don’t understand much. You’ve described the Arab media, not the Israeli media.

  5. chakobsa

    As far as I’m concerned, promoting Glenn Beck automatically discredits as trustworthy any individual or organization. I think that is pretty darn clear to anyone who has watched/listened to him rave on about killing people he doesn’t like using a shovel-smack to the head.

  6. walt kovacs

    post, after post, after post, after post of stuff regarding israel

    all during an election cycle

    so one must question, where is all this anti israel hate coming from?

    and why does it seem that max has forgotten all about what is happening in america?

    does it have anything to do with max finally being outed as a fraud, for his interview of drunken college kids that he held up as proof of israelis hating obama and america?

    and gosh…israelis arent on top of american media…that is proof of….what?

    that they dont spend enough time watching fox or watching the critiques of beck on other news programs

    yup…guess they will have to hire someone else to bring them up to speed

    and the only person who is comparing those who are pro israel with tea baggers is you max.

  7. chakobsa
    yeah, let’s kick Turkey out of NATO. that’s a good idea. people do realize that women are not allowed to wear head scarves in school, university, if they work at any government building, right? not that i’m in favor of this prohibition, but to call a country a part of the global panorama of “radical Islam” when wearing head scarf is prohibited in a number of public spaces, is really idiotic.


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  10. bobrect

    He asks is “Israel is stopping the Red Cross.” YES. The Red Cross has issued a statement condemning the occupation. He asked if Israel is stopping the UN. YES. In fact, the UN Relief Workers were ATTACKED by Israel during “Operation Cast Lead”. This is UN-F*CKING real propaganda, and he didn’t spend a single minute researching this. He was so “thorough” that he “left his papers on his desk in the office”? And people believe this.

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  12. Ariely

    Global theatre presents:” Hypocrites in 3 acts


    The global actors- Goverments, UN, NGO’s are silent.
    All are busy verifying their petrol backlog

    On a corner a small news board displays:
    *742 people killed by Islamist worldwide:1 Apr-May 2010
    The Islamic terrorists hid in civilian areas, dressed as civilians, sometimes wearing burka
    Places, numbers, killing methods in–Israel-Nigeria–India-etc
    * Muslims Kyrgyz and Uzbeks are killing each other-lately between 200 to 2000 civilians and 400.000 fled

    Nobody pay attention

    Act 2: “VICTORY”

    The global actors- Governments, UN, NGO’s some are cheering “Victory” some are silent

    The news board displays:
    Victory!!! A terrorist was killed together with his wife,3 daughters, a grandchild and other men, women and children by a long range missile

    The action was 10.000 miles from the countries shores treated by the terrorist
    The terror group agenda is to impose Islam worldwide


    The global actors- Governments, UN, NGO’s are paying for petrol supply with a small coin named Israel
    All are shouting:
    “Israel open the arms supply channel to Hamas”

    Hamas activists are marching with slogans form their charter:
    1:Peace &quiet would not be possible except under Islam
    2:The Day of Judgment will not come until Moslems kill the Jews
    3: Sharia goes for any land the Moslems have conquered by force till the Day of Judgment
    Hamas charter link :

    Chamberlin (masked as Obama) cheered by EU, Russia leaders says; I am bringing peace to mankind once again after WW2

    A Lilliput called Israel phases the bashing chorus with a board: I will defend my existence
    The stage curtain is down.
    A small child is searching in the darkness for the moral values

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