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The Demons of David Horowitz Surface. Again.

Matthew Vadum has taken to David Horowitz’s NewsReal blog to call me a “self-hating Jew.” Actually, Vadum attempted to distance himself from his predictable canard by saying I have been “frequently called a self-hating Jew by [my] critics.” (Marty’s boy once called me a self-hating Jew but Commentary apparently forced him to scrub his post; I don’t know who the other critics are). So is Vadum a Jew himself or is this just a particularly clear case of right-wing goyisherkop? And does David Horowitz, who was raised by Stalinists with no religion and who called his own father an “old Yid” in his memoir, “Radical Son” (then compared him to Mohammed Atta in a subsequent memoir), agree with the nature of Vadum’s attack?

Horowitz has harbored a vendetta against me ever since I pointed out that one of his writers was defending a neo-Nazi professor who called a college basketball team “nigger to the core” and denounced Fairleigh Dickinson University as “a Jewish plutocratic university.” Horowitz went on to embarrass himself in three separate interactions with me and now, he’s defending James O’Keefe’s weird minstrel show as some sort of payback. He is a very fragile and unstable personality. See his histrionics below the fold.

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CUFI: Elie Wiesel Took $500K From Hagee For One Speech

Dear Pastor Hagee with Elie Wiesel and far-right Israeli Minister Uzi Landau

"Dear Pastor" Hagee with Elie Wiesel and far-right Israeli Minister Uzi Landau

During the J Street conference, I criticized Elie Wiesel for delivering a speech to the congregation of the homophobic, Holocaust revisionist Pastor John Hagee, whose conspiratorial prophecies were so extreme John McCain withdrew the preacher’s endorsement. Now, just over three months later, we know why Wiesel hailed Hagee as his “dear pastor.”

For delivering one speech to Hagee’s congregation, Wiesel received a check for $500,000 toward his foundation, according to Marita Styrsky, the wife of Christians United for Israel Eastern Regional Director Victor Styrsky (Christians United is Hagee’s lobbying arm). So Wiesel got his money and Hagee got a photo with a Nobel Prize-winning Holocaust survivor. Everybody went home happy.

Since praising Hagee, Wiesel has gone on to condemn the Goldstone Report as “a crime against the Jewish people.” Wiesel’s remarkable statement prompted Richard Silverstein to ask, “What was the last event in world history you can recall being a “crime against the Jewish people?” The answer is pretty obvious.

Thanks, Matthew Vadum

Matthew Vadum

I didn’t think Capital Research Center staffer Matthew Vadum‘s post about me merited much of a response — I find myself agreeing with what I have said on the record — but I did want to thank Matthew for promoting my work, and especially my book, “Republican Gomorrah: Inside The Movement That Shattered The Party.” If you haven’t bought the book yet, you can learn more through Matthew’s post at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism. Vadum, by the way, is the guy who said, “It’s a straight line from community organizing to crack cocaine dealing. Community organizers exchange crack cocaine for votes.” Maybe if Breitbart discloses the sources he’s relying on to pay Vadum, O’Keefe, O’Connor, and other “big” journalists, I can work up another “conspiracy theory.”