Crazy Mobs at CPAC

I was mobbed on two occasions at CPAC while shooting a short documentary for the Independent Film Project. I was prepared for some hostility after the crazed Andrew Breitbart declared jihad but I have to admit that by the end, I was pretty drained. The first mob, which consisted of about 40 people, gathered after Hannah Giles confronted me and asked me to apologize to James O’Keefe, who is being hailed at CPAC as the movement’s victim hero. I talked to Giles, who was totally civil, along with a few more crazed members of the mob for about 45 minutes, until they dispersed. Giles refused to say who was funding O’Keefe but conceded that he never appeared in any ACORN offices dressed as a pimp. (That contradicts earlier claims by Breitbart and O’Keefe).

The second mob was inadvertently incited by Breitbart, who ran into me as I was trying to escape from a few parasitic and barely coherent characters who felt unsatisfied by their interactions with me during the second mobbing. Breitbart introduced himself by telling me (weirdly), “You’re the best at what you do,” or something to that effect, then came unhinged and unleashed a tirade of insults, refusing to let me speak. I’m sure some of his right-wing fans will celebrate his uninterrupted temper tantrum. Others will see Breitbart as the unstable and desperate character he is. Meanwhile, most sane people will not care.

Because I was shooting for an IFC show that is scheduled to air in May, I am awaiting authorization from the network to post a little footage online. If I get it, I’ll have some video out by late tomorrow or Monday.

Update: Video should be ready for tomorrow, assuming I get approval. Here’s a classic Breitbart freakout, courtesy of Tommy Christopher (highlights include Breitbart’s refusal to address O’Keefe’s pimp costume, his discussion of Gary Bauer, Dan Savage and mucus; his description of me as “evil, evil, evil;” and his blaming of Wade Rathke for the plight of inner city African-Americans):

79 thoughts on “Crazy Mobs at CPAC

  1. abx

    Poor Maxi. Saw the vid. You took your verbal lashing in true girlie-man fashion, then slithered away to hide behind your computer. What a pathetic joke you are. Despicable human being indeed.

    If you’re going to call someone a racist, at least defend it.

  2. garrettbaldwin10

    HA. Mobs…

    The videos are up… You stand there and are completely lying, unable to defend yourself, and then you ran home and wrote about how Brietbart is desperate and insinuated once again that they are racists.

    Dude, grow a pair. If you want to call someone a racist, say it to his or her face. Don’t hide behind your blog and slither away like a bumbling idiot.

    You are part of the joke that has become the op-ed media.

  3. jdripper

    Mr. Blumenthal I retired after 24 years in the Army and a few years in other government agencies. I saw the video on YouTube. You, Sir, were one very frightened man. I am not the brightest man on this planet but I know fear when I see it, and you were very frightened. You were a disgrace to anyone who hired you to do a documentary. I will be intrigued to see how you edit this piece to make yourself look victorious against the big bad CPAC mob. Your camera crew outnumbered the people around you. Also the hotel security was standing right behind you.
    Sir, like your father you are a disgrace, but at least he was not an anti-Semite.

  4. zombyboy


    I think that what you are missing is that you were treated that way because you made unfounded, ugly accusations of racism. When I’ve gone to events like this, I am always happy to talk–peacefully and politely–with anyone that affords me the barest amount of respect.

    If you managed to treat your political opponents with just a tiny bit of respect, they would probably be happier to see your face.

    Just a thought.

  5. jan

    “mobbed”, “crazed”, “unhinged” ?

    darlin’, people are gonna see the video. I saw the video. you have a gift for overstating the facts. if you cannot back up your written word, 1) you shouldn’t write them and 2) you shouldn’t go out in public, let alone into the lion’s den. of course, you were looking to exploit the anger & vehemence that you have cultivated with YOUR incompetent and irresponsible writings for your own financial reward in your upcoming “Independent Film Project.” (la-dee-da)

    my teenage daughter has more balls than you do, sir.

  6. DLJ

    “If you want to call someone a racist, say it to his or her face.”

    Done and done. And Breitbart couldn’t take it.

    And as I told Larry O’Connor, it is going to get worse for them before it gets better.

    The folks that keep trying to defend Brietbart & Co. fail to realize that you can’t use the smallest of loopholes to discredit the entire issue. The fact that we aren’t hearing from O’Keefe himself throughout all of this is a good sign that something is up. It’s just like how Sean Hannity operates. You call Hannity out on something he did wrong and everyone around him speaks up on his behalf. Hannity ends up weaseling out of not defending himself. That’s what O’Keefe is doing. This whole Breitbart crowd will be going away soon, and they only have themselves to blame.

    Although they will find a way to blame everyone else.

  7. lesliembland

    Wow, Max. I try to stay away from people who are off their meds. No wonder you were drained.

    And these commenters seem uncommonly fascinated with your genitalia. If you were frightened (and the amount of spit being spewed at you would be enough to make me lean backwards), who cares?

    If these are the people happy with waterboarding, no wonder. They obviously see pointless bullying as somehow accomplishing something. I’m not sure what.

    It’s all rather sad.

  8. steel

    Wow Max! What a spineless punk you are! You are so pitiful it makes me sad for you. Good thing you have all of your pathetic blogger friends to console you. Go sip some Chardonnay and cry in your pillow.

  9. antiblather

    Yes, a true Faux ‘News’ style ambush that was. Breitbart was so unhinged that I expected Glenn Beck style tears at any moment. Good job, Max, and thanks for cruising on that ship of fools for our benefit.

  10. weezie

    You were actually responding to him in a calm, reasonable, truthful manner. He was just yelling and screaming. You defended yourself quite nicely. Personally, I would have kicked that motherfucker in the nuts.

    Breitbart was TERRIFIED of the big African American man. In his typical fashion, he cried for someone to “take the man away” after that guy got in his face and said “Yes, I am calling you a racist. What the FUCK are you going to do about it.” LOL bullies are so hilarious when they accidentally pick on someone their own size.

  11. bobbyv

    quit being a baby. dismissing legitimate argument by labeling your opponent ‘racist’ will not work anymore. you will have to confront critics with intellect and logic in an honest debate. if that is too much for you, then too bad – stick to entertaining your trained seals just like bill mahr does.

  12. Arthur W

    I just saw the video on Max at CPAC. It is not even remotely as Max has described it. Max was caught lying (about whether he had called James O’Keefe a racist) and Andrew Breitbart was right on point accusing Max of being an unprincipled hitman or words to that effect. It looks as though Max has actually never had anyone push back against his bullying and he does not know what to do when he’s called out. But, in fairness, there’s nothing he can do because the criticisms are spot on. Max is a bully who engages in guilt by association. I hope his targets take encouragement from this and push back.

  13. weezie

    Arthur and BobbyV: The black guy got right in Breitbart’s face and said “YES, I AM CALLING YOU A RACIST. NOW WHAT.”

    Breitbart proceeded to blubber and ask someone to have the man removed.

    You see, he gathers a mob and then yells lies at people who are smaller than him and are in a small group. But he shits his pants when he tries that on someone who could actually beat the fucking shit out of him, as he so richly deserves.

    When you are right, you have no reason to yell and scream. Breitbart knows he is a liar and a fabulist, thus all the bluster. He is a liar. James O’Keefe is a white supremacist. Explains a lot.

    We really need to aggressively go after James O’Keefe even more. I want the unedited ACORN tapes. Funny how they won’t release them.


  14. bobbyv

    why does it matter if the guy was black? the point is he is NOT racist. so is that how liberals propose to stop conservatives who defend themselves – calling him racist doesn’t work you will shut him up “by beating the fucking shit out of him”? really? really? think about what you are writing.

    ya right, james okeefe is a white supremacist. now you have discredited yourself. why can’t you just agree acorn is corrupt?

  15. weezie

    Yeah I have discredited myself to you. LOL!! I am crushed. Really.

    ACORN helps minorities. That is why you hate it. Anything that helps enfranchise minorities and “the poors” is necessarily corrupt to people such as yourself. But they will continue doing good work and thus pissing you off long after the lying white supremacist James O’Keefe blows up a federal building or whatever it is those types end up doing.

  16. weezie

    And excuse me, how does calling him a racist “stop” him? Breitbart kept on ranting. When someone refutes your claims or calls you on your shit, you whine that you are being ‘stopped’. Yet, strangely, you are still running your mouth.

    You don’t get to talk without people talking back. Get over that little schoolyard fantasy. When you start a conversation, people are going to talk back to you. That is not STOPPING you or CENSORING you, dollface.

  17. harkin

    weezie has it exactly wrong:

    “You see, he gathers a mob and then yells lies at people who are smaller than him and are in a small group. But he shits his pants when he tries that on someone who could actually beat the fucking shit out of him, as he so richly deserves”

    Actually, this was a well-mannered crowd until the ‘black guy’ (your words) interrupted an interview and started flinging the race card, It’s the only thing the liberals have left against conservatives now that Obama’s being recognized for the empty suit he is. Breitbart didn’t run away, he stood his ground and refuted the smears. That you think the best response to this is physical violence says more about you than it does AB or even the smear artist armed with lies. Did you encourage violence when Max B got handed his head by Breitbart or do you only consider that suitable for a ‘big african american’ (your words again)?

    The guy even claims to be a ‘friend’ of Kevin Martin, tries to repeat the already-disproven smear that the false meme that Project 21 was a white supremist gathering and that Martin was added at ‘the last minute’.

    Too bad the guy didn’t do any research, K Martin himself has set the record straight. He arranged his participation over six weeks (not exactly the ‘last minute’) and also had a few words for M Blumenthal:

    “Max Blumenthal simply assumed that he could print lies and spin as he saw fit and as far as James O’Keefe, he personally came up to me and offered his support on my ideas about how Conservatives could reach out to Minorities and engage Conservative Minorities within their respective communities.

    Thank you for allowing me to set the record straight on this issue and combat the lies and spin that Max Blumenthal sought portray upon myself, Project21 and the Leadership Institute, along with my appearance there.”

    The readers of this blog will have to decide for themselves who are the more believable voices, the ones proven true or the ones throwing around smears and lies and having to be followed around by a correction squad.

  18. weezie

    Bobby, very articulate response. You had no case. Nice retreat though. A bit derivative but semi-graceful.

  19. weezie

    The most hilarious thing about Breitbart is that he is a decade or two late and a dollar short. The whole “The Media r leeebrulls” thing was super hot pre-Shrub. But after seeing the fawning lap-doggery of the press to Bush Crime Syndicate for an entire decade (and their shameless war cheerleading), no one believes that shit anymore. Yes, the mainstream media is discredited. Not for being “leeebrulls” but for being lazy insular, mediocre lapdogs to whoever shouts the loudest. Keep on screeching at the Sunday talk show hosts. But you can’t bully people like Josh Marshall or Max Blumenthal into being more receptive to stupid, mouthbreathing, wingnut ideas. Go bark up your old trees at CNN and the three networks (oh, and the dying newspapers). They are the only ones who give a shit what the fuck you are talking about anymore, wingnuts.

  20. luckyjoe

    Daryle, You are a liar. It’s just that plain truth, something you know nothing about. See Daryle, you have been called out & proven to be nothing but a liar, and since Andrew Breitbart called you out for this and since people can go online and with a few simple chicks of the mouse disprove your lies, you have shown your just a plain ole garden variety lair, nothing more, nothing special. You will go to your grave as Daryle Lamont Jenkins, proven liar and nothing more. So embrace what you are Daryle, Own your liarness. Embrace it. It it what your are, what you always have been. Shout from the mountain top with all your heart & soul that you are a lair. Because that what we, the truth loving people of America, AKA Your Betters, will do from now on. You stared this with your lies daryle, we’re ending it with your greatest fear & our greatest weapon,,,THE TRUTH! Thank you Daryle, your lies have exposed the truth about you, And the truth is you’re a liar, and will forever be known as one. Liar.

  21. zionred

    No matter how you try to spin it, you were absolutely destroyed at CPAC. It’s time for you to crawl back in your hole and not come back out until hell freezes over.

  22. Arthur W

    Weezie – and others:

    Just watch the videos. His description of his excellent CPAC adventure bears no resemblance to what happened.

    And Weezie’s description of Breitbart’s encounter with the African-American man calling him a “racist” likewise bears no resemblance to what happened.

    In this regard, I think it is very telling that Max does not add a link to the videos, which he easily could do. They’re on youtube, after all. (I think an earlier commenter has added a link)

    Weeze, I’m not going to argue with you, but I do encourage others to watch the videos to see how off-base your and Max’s descriptions are.



  23. NycLabrets

    Calling Planned Parenthood to demand monies contributed only go to abort black babies because “the less black kids out there the better”?


    Setting up an Affirmative Action Bake Sale with race based sliding prices?


    Targeting a primarily black low-income, community organization, (while committing legal felonies against privacy in the process), with a made up controversy?


    You Retards of the Right Wing are so full of your own shit your eyes are brown.

    I’ve seen the above video, Max is rather soft-spoken, which doesn’t make him a coward because he didn’t rise to the same level of Andy’s bug-eyed, psycho boy, rage-a-thon.

    Here’s a clue: Volume and screaming does not equal being right.

    I’d suggest dude look into some Anger Management classes, since clearly he’s got issues he hasn’t addressed.

    Did his mother not pay enough attention to him as a child?

  24. weezie

    Hey luckyjoe, who the fuck are you ranting at, weird guy? LOL. Time to get back on those meds, sparky.

  25. weezie

    Arthur I watched the entire series of Breitcrazy’s rants on He went bonkers 5 times when they happened to be in the vicinity. The videos are quite hilarious.

    Breitbart is fool. He is untalented and got nowhere in Hollywood, but blames “the leebrulls” rather than lack of talent. Pathetic. Conservatives love lecturing others about taking responsibility for their success or lack thereof, yet there are so many of you willing to blame the leebrull media, the leebrulls in Hollywood, the dirty hippies, the meanie leebrull bloggers, etc. for your problems. Get a spine kids.


    After Andy nearly got his fat ass kicked by a very large and intimidating man who stepped right to him and said “Yes, I am calling you a racist.” which caused him to scurry backward and call for “Someone to remove this man!!!” he felt the need (as all bullies do) to get his pack of drooling mouthbreathers and find someone to try to push around. Max, being someone who calmly uses facts rather than spittle flecked ranting, calmly answered each question. Breitcrank continued his veinpopping yelling (he is positively apoplectic when confronted with someone brighter than he is….which is pretty much everyone – why he is in a constant state of rage).

    Resentment at people who are more clever than they are is the fuel for the wingnut. Notice how enraged they were at Michael Moore even though they got the war they wanted and the Bush Criminal Syndicate pretty much got everything it wanted rubber-stamped by the congress. You would think they would be clam-happy right? Nope. They frothed rabidly about Michael Moore, George Soros, Markos, et al. Because the authoritarian wingnut cannot bear any scrutiny or debate. Sure, they “say” they love debate. But their version of ‘debate’ means “let me yell at you and bully you, and you shut up while I do it”.

  26. luckyjoe

    “28.weezie says:
    February 21, 2010 at 3:57 pm
    Hey luckyjoe, who the fuck are you ranting at, weird guy? LOL. Time to get back on those meds, sparky”
    Weezie, please take the time to read the comments submitted for this blog by mostly educated people, excluding yourself of course.
    If you had, you have seen a post submitted by one “DLJ”. It’s very possible that person in the one Daryle Lamont Jenkins. This person is the one who fed the dis-information to Blumenthal over O’Keefe’s supposed connection to white supremacy groups. Mr Blumenthal had to retract his statement on because Jenkins is a big, ole liar. So in answering your extremely stupid question Weezie, It was Daryle Lamont Jenkins, LIAR.
    Weezie, next time you attack someone, please actually read the story & all comments. Using Saul Alinsky’s tacticts just don’t work when we know your same ole tired attacks.
    Plus, asking an obvious question just makes you look, well, stupid.

  27. weezie


    You are not a regular so don’t pretend you are “one of us” you pathetic, lying turd-troll.

    I am on here every day, bitch. You just came here from Crazybarts “Big Wingnut” site.

    Blar blar blar about Saul Alinsky. LOL. Saul Alinsky managed to write a rather amazing book. Contrast that with the utter fucking tripe that comes out of your favorite publisher, Regenry.

    As if citing Alinsky would be an insult. LOL! Gotta love you spittle frothed freepers.

    “Alinsky! ACORN! Soros! Wolverines!”

  28. weezie

    Oh, and now that the library is closing luckyjoe, you can slither back to your trailer and smoke some more meth, loser.

  29. weezie

    Oh and you never did explain WHY you are ranting at Jenkins who is no where in this thread or story. Especially since the sourcing for the story has never been refuted (by anyone credible). But that is okay. Resume your ranting tomorrow when the library opens again, trailerjoe.

  30. luckyjoe

    “31.weezie says:
    February 21, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    You are not a regular so don’t pretend you are “one of us” you pathetic, lying turd-troll.

    I am on here every day, bitch. You just came here from Crazybarts “Big Wingnut” site.”
    Weezie, please tell me what I lied about. Unlike you, Blumenthal, & Jenkins, I have told no lie on here. Yet you attack me for being a liar? Again, just another Alinsky tactic. Pathetic, really. It’s all you have. So please use it asmuch as you can. It doesn’t work & make you look, well, stupid, to us, your betters.
    Also Weezie, I know you & your kind think that since Obama has been elected president, that this country is no longer free to all people, just to you very, very, VERY few progressive loons who think you know better than every one else. But last time I looked, we still had a constitution that allows me the right to access the internet to do my own research on liars like Blumenthal, Jenkins. And every so oftern, I come across a total waste of air like yourself,who defends liars like Jenkins, even though everyone knows Jenkins is a complete liar who has been exposed as a liar, and will go down in history as nothing but a bil, ole fat, dumb, stupid liar. And we laugh at the “useful” idiots like you Weezie. Because you can call us names, cuss at us, mock us. We don’t care. Because at the end of the day, that’s all we, your betters, see that you are. Nothing but a “useful” idiot.
    BTWWeezie, I know you don’t think I have the right to be here posting, but as I explained to you earlier, I have a right to come here, and now I will be here every day exposing you for what you are, an idiot. Have a wonderful day Weezie.

  31. luckyjoe

    “33.weezie says:
    February 21, 2010 at 6:12 pm
    Oh and you never did explain WHY you are ranting at Jenkins who is no where in this thread or story”
    Again Weeziee, please learn to read. Do it REAL SLOW this time. Look at post #30. Wow Weeziee, comprehension is not your strongest suit.

    Now hurry up & get ready for dinner Weezie. Mommy’s making you fishsticks tonight plus she needs her computer back so she can check with the pharmacy to see if your meds are ready. You know you worry her so much when you’re off your meds& don’t act like mommy’s little progressive soldier. Have a wonderful day weezie.

  32. weezie

    You just proceeded to tell me TWICE that you are my better. Then you followed that with whining about how progressives like me think I am smarter than you. Projection much? You need a therapist, son. You are paranoid that there are people out there who think they are better than you. And then you race to tell them that you are better than them.

    Oh, and my showing contempt for you is not “abridging your constitutional rights” you moron. You wingnuts seem to get confused. Just because someone thinks you are an idiot, does not mean that you are being censored. My pointing and laughing at your ranting and lies does not impinge on your rights at all. So save that lie for some other rant, sparky.

    But then, that is all you know how to do: LIE.

    Actually, let me – the liberal – give you a lesson on private domains: You don’t have a RIGHT to post on anyone’s blog. Your ability to post on this blog is up to the blog’s owner, Mr. Blumenthal. He, as a rule, does not block people from posting on here. But if he did block you, you couldn’t do shit about it. Your right to post on someone else’s blog is not constitutionally protected speech, sparky. Try reading the constitution. Also, check out a few books on the first amendment.

    Typical wingnut. Always whining about your rights.

  33. weezie

    One last thing: At least wait a little while before you steal my insults and try to recycle them, LOL!!!


    Have a great night smoking crystal meth, kid. Try not to get to fucked up and shoot a police officer or something.

  34. bobbyv

    as a newbie, i came back here to read weezie respond to (or rather insult) me. truly entertaining and classic tolerant liberal. i have an image in my mind of that star wars critter perched java the hut’s shoulder. he say’s he is on here everyday, does he have a job? is he 16? i wonder what mr blumenthal feeds him – bird seed? i’m so intrigued i’m losing it.
    however, with a name like weezie, he’s probably a bruiser, a big guy (or woman) and is fed raw meet. maybe he could start his own blog, blumenthal’s goon dot com – kickin ass and takin names. i would read it everyday, just like i like to hear olberman. it’s hard not to look, i gotta have more cowbell.

    OR – are max blumenthal and weezie one? a great idea for a novel. he uses too many big words to be a bad ass. responding with a pen name allows him to use curse words with impunity. that’s it, weezie IS max blumenthal. he gets home from a hard day of race baiting. pours a nice big scotch and logs onto his blog as weezie to start hurling the insults like a monkey flinging poo.

    i better hush now, before he kicks the shit out of this wing nut’s ass.
    i’ll check back later, it’s like christmas eve.

  35. weezie

    Weezie is from the character married to George Jefferson from the 70s TV show, clown.

    Sorry to disappoint you in the middle of your homoerotic fantasies, bobbyv. I am sure you were hoping for some guy to come seek you out and do things to you that would both excite and terrify you, but alas…

    I am sure you haven’t moved from your seat since this morning bobby. Like most wingnuts, you are stuck to the seat of your computer chair in the basement with the potent and fragrant glue of cheeto crumbs and dried semen.

    See you around, bucky.

  36. luckyjoe

    Weezie, I am your better, in every way. Get used to it. I wasn’t insulting you by saying this, I was just educating you to the facts. Such thin skin you have Weezie.

    And btw, It’s Sunday, after 6pm here in Albany, Georgia. So guess what, the library is closed. (See I know what time they close since I do visit every week to check out books, but never to use a computer. It’s too pedestrian for me since I have 2 desktops, 2 lap tops, & a Blackberry Storm.) I’m still posting, so your ASSumption of me using a mere library computer is a….wait for it….wait for it…A LIE! It’s all you know to do poor thing. So sad. really.

    Also, no trailer park for me. I live in a beautiful 2 br 2 ba lake front condo. I have 2 cats, one dog, 3 cars, (09 Maxima SV Sport, 09 Nissan Titan SE King Cab, 10 Infiniti FX35, all together over $100,000 worth of new cars & I trade every year), and most most prized “posession”, may male partner of 4 years. That’s right, I’m gay & proud of it. We make more in a year than you will make in 20. I am co-owner of a high end industrail lubricanst company, and my partner is the financial director for the largest hospital in SWGA’s hospice house.
    So keep dreaming that I live in a trailer smoking meth if it helps get you through the day. I don’t mind being part of your fantasies if it gets you off. I’m used to being the fantasy of guys and one more, even you, won’t make a difference. But rememeber this, I am & will always be your better in every way. I”ll always have a better house, car, love life, & life in general, than you.
    You must know alot about living in trailer parks & smoking meth. I myself personally don’t know about that, but I”m taking it you have a deep knowledge of both. I’m guessing you& your mom share a single-wide.
    And you can rest assured that if the day should ever come that I want to smoke meth, you can be assured, with my money it will be the best damn meth out there, the stuff you & your mom only dream about. But I would never stoop to your level because, as I told you earlier, I’m your better. And we, your betters, are what will fix the mess that you, the “useful” idiots have made.
    Now go sit in the corner & drink your vinegar & water like a good little douche bag. Have a wonderful day Weezie.

  37. weezie

    Nice fantasy joe.



    (everyone on the internet is a millionaire and has a ten inch dick. just more lies.)

    Anyway, as I told Bobby, sorry to disappoint you in your homoerotic fantasies about me being a guy. I am sure you were quivering in anticipation at the idea of some huge strapping lad (with a wide stance) finding out where you lived and coming to do wicked and sinful things to your trembling body.

    Ah disappointment.

  38. luckyjoe

    NO fantasy Weeziee baby. All 100% truth. I know there at Smokey Pines Trailer Park it’s hard to imagine that people live in nice houses without wheels, but we, your betters, do. And as far as “quivering in anticipation at the idea of some huge strapping lad”, sorry, I have no place in my life for “lads”. I like men my age, (41). “Lads” only come up in the minds of perverts who prey on the young. You usage of “lads” really open a window into the dark, scary place that is your “mind”. But then, why should I expect anything less from a “useful” idiot? Have a wonderful day Weezie.

  39. weezie

    To Max Blumenthal and all of the regular, thoughtful commenters: Sorry for turning the comment string into a petty name calling contest. But I could not resist. Sometimes the wingnut trolls are a tasty treat (particularly on a boring Sunday afternoon/evening).

  40. weezie

    How would you know what comes up in the minds of those who prey on the young unless you are one of those who prey on the young?

    They have to invent a new thesaurus because there are no words to express how stupid you are.

  41. luckyjoe

    “45.weezie says:
    February 21, 2010 at 7:58 pm
    How would you know what comes up in the minds of those who prey on the young unless you are one of those who prey on the young?”
    Sorry Weezie, those thoughts never cross my mind. But having come across so many “useful” idiots as yourself, and having had to interact with these “useful” idiots on a daily bases gives us, your betters, a window in to the lives of those who are incapable of having an independent thought ot idea. Have a wonderful day Weezie. And please stay away from the “strapping young lads” you’re so fond of bringing up. It’s just not healthy to obsess over them so much.

  42. weezie

    Joe, I have grown bored with your repetitive and unoriginal blather. Also, you are only semi-literate so it hurts my beautiful mind to read your posts.

    As you are my better, I just can’t deal with the radiance of your brilliant repartee any longer. I concede to your utter genius.


  43. luckyjoe

    Weezie, You haven’t grown bored, you’ve just realized that no matter what you say, or what you do, I am & always will be your better in every way. You just need to learn to accept it. Have a wonderful day weezie.

  44. weezie

    You have a great evening too, Joe.

    It has been fun insulting you and being insulted (even in your charming, less-than-literate fashion).


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