(Updated) CPAC 2010 starring Hannah Giles, the deranged Andrew Breitbart, and a crazy mob

While I was filming for a forthcoming project at CPAC, I was confronted by Hannah Giles, Andrew Breitbart and a mob of crazed teabaggers. They were enraged by an article I wrote for Salon.com about James O’Keefe’s attendance of and assistance with a white nationalist event featuring open racialists Jared Taylor and John Derbyshire as well as Kevin Martin of the right-wing front group Project 21. Project 21, by the way, is a black front group created and is operated by white conservative operatives to provide cover to figures like Taylor.

Did O’Keefe plan the event with his friend, the white nationalist Marcus Epstein? O’Keefe’s role in helping out with and freely attending the event, along with his palling around with characters like Epstein and Taylor highlighted a career filled with racist pranks, from his ACORN pimp costume minstrel show (see Bradblog on the deceptive means Breitbart used to push the pimp costume myth) to his “affirmative action bake sale,” in which he and his friends charged white students extra for baked goods while minorities ate for little or nothing. Then there are his diaries about the hell of living in a multicultural university environment. James O’Keefe, the apparent hero of the conservative movement’s youth wing, is what racism looks like today.

The only time Breitbart and his goon squad get upset about racism is when they think it is somehow being directed against white people like themselves. That’s why a particularly manic mob member who wouldn’t stop using the word “rubric” seemed to argue to me against the existence of the Congressional Black Caucus because it would not allow a hostile conservative congressman to join. And it’s why when CPAC chose as its keynote speaker the race-baiter Glenn Beck, who claimed Obama has “a deep-seated hatred for white people.”

It is also worth noting that CPAC played host to Thomas Woods, a former leader of the white supremacist League of the South and contributor to the neo-secessionist Southern Partisan magazine. And that CPAC held a seminar called “Abraham Lincoln: Friend or Foe of Liberty?” led by Thomas DiLorenzo, another League of the South figure who insists Lincoln was the very embodiment of evil. The presence at CPAC of Islamophobes Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller (Geller once argued Obama was “involved with a crack whore in his youth”), promoters of the European neo-fascist Geert Wilders, can not be overlooked either. And stay tuned for my interview with Birther leader Philip Berg, who insisted Obama was actually an Indonesian Muslim who should be tried for treason and possibly executed. These people must have left their sheets at the dry cleaners.

Breitbart’s tirade against me was filled with irony. The most glaring projection was that I was using “Alinsky tactics,” referring to left-wing community organizer Saul Alinsky. For the record, I skimmed Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” about 14 years ago and can hardly remember what was in it. However, Breitbart’s boy, James O’Keefe, boasted to the LA Times that Alinsky’s book was the blueprint for his work.

Breitbart went on to say that calling someone a racist was the worst thing anyone could do. Actually, there is something worse than that: promoting and paying a racist. And that’s what Breitbart is doing with O’Keefe. Meanwhile, Breitbart has some interesting views of his own on racial issues. Besides calling the Holocaust Museum shooter James von Brunn a “multiculturalist, just like the black studies and the lesbian studies majors on college campuses,” Breitbart has howled about “black studies intimidation.” As usual, he only sees racism when it is supposedly directed against white people like himself.

According to a recent study by the Pew Center on the States, one out of every 100 adults in the United States is in prison. One of every nine black males between the ages of 20 and 34 has been behind bars, a scandalous statistic owing itself in part to the failed and racially biased drug war, which mandates the warehousing of non-violent drug offenders for long periods of time.

I look forward to working with James O’Keefe on prison reform.

53 thoughts on “(Updated) CPAC 2010 starring Hannah Giles, the deranged Andrew Breitbart, and a crazy mob

  1. David

    I can’t imagine the bravery and strength required to (after an already grueling day) to keep as calm and collected as you did while surrounded by a increasingly physically intimidating mob. Well done sir.

  2. David

    If only republicans were anywhere near as concerned about racism as they are about being called racists.

  3. frame4america

    It is very convenient that you edited out the parts of the video when me and others were slamming you and you didnt have a single response to give. Your also not very interested in showing the full Breitbart video. Throwing out the racist label is a very dangerous thing, and doing so without just cause as you frequently do, does a true diservice to the actual problem of racism in this country. But your not concerned with that, you just want to get some cheap shots in.

  4. BlueFranco

    frame4america is a Breitbart TROLL. I saw the unedited videos on youtube, and while u were TRYING to slam Max ,he remained cool and calm… while u were spitting racist CONservative drivel , u and the Breibart TROLLS … all looked like lunatics and Max with a smile looked cool! You all claimed he couldn’t respond, but he let you dig your own grave….and it worked beautifully…LMAO

  5. watershed

    Every video I’ve seen of this encounter looks like Breitbart simply insulting and screaming and talking over Blumenthal, but I didn’t see Blumenthal’s side. This just confirms what I’ve seen, and makes it look even worse.

    Note to CPAC members/Breitbart fans crowing about this: screaming insults to someone standing alone in a crowd of your peers and walking off without a reply isn’t a “pwning”. It’s simply bullying, and it really shows the world your hand.

    Kudos to Max Blumenthal for his monumental patience and self control. This was a mob.

    PS- Breitbart screaming about “innuendo” is possibly the definition of irony in the dictionary. I have to go check.

  6. David

    frame4america: If by “slamming” you meant “disrupting discussion” or “changing the subject like a coward”, then yes– He didn’t give a response, nor should he have.
    By the way, how long have you been so emotional about racism? I’m guessing it was sometime after Breitbart’s employee (you know, the one who got caught tampering with the phones?) dressed up as a blacksploitation version of a pimp. If you want to know what a pimp looks like, look no further than Breitbart himself.

  7. David

    I would also like to commend the young republican girl from the clip who invited civil, respectful discussion– She deserves respect. Though underage, she proved to be far more “adult” than any of the others in that childish mob.

  8. frame4america

    Ha Ha. You guys must be confused. “Breitbart troll” really? Not a huge Breitbart fan to be honest with you, but we do have the same general beliefs. “spitting racist CONservative drivel”? Thanks, you reinforce my point, anyone you don’t agree with you call a racist. And yes, when a black conservative took Max to task for his comments about castigating ANYONE who disagrees with him as a racist, he again cowered and conveniently edited it out of his video. But I’m not here to throw stones, didnt throw any stones at Max either. I just don’t understand why liberals are unable to debate anything on the facts; instead you turn to your little smear campaigns whenever you are confronted.

  9. BlueFranco

    frame4america…more spittle……….u know damn well all the talk from you and “yours” about the African American Caucus etc was race-baiting…don’t like it….. tough, ….you guys get all wacked out when a mirror is held up and you see your CON ways.

  10. marktrail

    Max is a worthless smear merchant piece of garbage and anyone that doesn’t believe that he is a slimy lying piece of trash should watch this video!!!


    But watch it quick because slime bags like Max will take this down quick.

    If you are a Liberal fine…if you hate James O’Keefe for whatever reason fine…but if you have to stoop to the lowest form of smear and lies in order to defeat someones IDEAS you are a turd. Max you are a fucking piece of shit and people like you should be locked up for the shitty things you do. If you Liberals want to be associated with lying trash like this then you are just as bad!

  11. ashrakay

    Great job, Max. I think it take a lot of courage to be able to stand in the middle of people shouting accusations at you and be able to keep calm. I would love to see more videos like this where Democrats just let Republicans show who they really are.

    We all already know that Republicans are hypocritical, deceptive, predominately white, hold business interests above that of social interests, and so on. Now we can peek behind the curtain and see what really powers them—raw, unconscious fear and anger. Way to make grown men look like boys!

    Kudos to James O’keefe’s girlfriend for keeping it real.

  12. Max Post author

    The “black conservative” frame4america referred to said to me that Jimmy Carter referred to Obama as “his boy.” Then he asked me if I thought he was a boy. I said no and laughed. If I showed the episode it would have only made the mob look crazier.

  13. weezie

    frame4america is a Breitbart troll. Might even be Breitbart. I love all of these people getting pissed off about someone calling them racists. The modern racist is nothing if he is not a coward. Seriously. They make all of these psuedo-intellectual assertions that blacks are inherently more violent, stupid, and sleazy. Yet, when you say, “Hey buddy, I saw you at that symposium of White Supremacists. You were handing out literature about the Big Lipped Negro Criminal. What say you of this, son?” they flip out and screech that they are being maligned. What page in the Handbook for Racists does it say “deny deny deny” and “feign the deepest outrage”?

  14. lefabe

    ROTFLMAO @ Weezie. That was awesome. “Hey buddy, I saw you at that symposium of White Supremacists. You were handing out literature about the Big Lipped Negro Criminal.” LOL!

  15. Ralph777

    Why does Breitbart have the exact same angry, prissy, queen mannerisms as Matty Drudge? There is something going on there.

  16. herrnaphta

    Max Blumenthal is a true American hero.

    I like how Breitbart and co. like to say “calling someone a racist is the worst thing you can do to someone.” I thought that, ya know, being racist to someone was worse, but guess not.

  17. Eastside

    Look Weezie, David, you don’t have to be a self deprecating little pussy like you guys to not be a racist, you can get annoyed by people of other races or have the odd racist thought, we all do, I’ll admit even I have. And that doesn’t make us a racists. When you guys devout a 100th of your energy and passion to fighting real bigotry and racism then maybe people will listen to you. Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back for you little cowards. BTW I’m a member of the Canadian Liberal party….and I’m not Caucasian so wrap your spoiled little minds around that.

  18. Freedem

    Yeah ! So you are Rubrik cubed So there! So satisfying to have tossed that back at the unsociailized bullies. I am astounded that Max has such self control among such antisocialists.

  19. RepubGomFan


    WHEN (yes, I am yelling…) WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WRITE A BOOK ON THE TEA BAGGER (oops, I mean, Tea Party) MOVEMENT? I would stand in line for a copy. I’ll even help you with a title:

    “Teabagged: Inside the party that shattered a movement.”

    Anyway, keep doing what you do. But seriously, you NEED to write this…

  20. JeromeM

    Hands down, the funniest moment in these exchanges is when Hannah Giles, who is attempting commentary and discussion on racial matters, exposes her ignorance of the term “minstrel”….


    Nice job Hannah. Look forward to seeing you host a Fox show (while on mute).

  21. GeneralMalaise

    I’ve always found it amusing that the people most obsessed with race are usually the same folks who cry racism when there is none to be found.

    Go ahead! Wear it on your sleeves, wild-eyed quimbies of the Democrat party.

  22. GeneralMalaise

    “Kudos to Max Blumenthal for his monumental patience and self control. This was a mob.”

    and props for staging the entire thing, with camera in hand, eh, watersports?

  23. Ralph777

    I live it how Breitbart is so afraid of being labelled a racist. His outrage is exactly how Matt Drudge reacts to being called a homophobe. Love it!

  24. weezie

    Phil: It does. I am sure screaming and drooling looks fantastic in the mouthbreathing set. You guys live and breathe off of resentment of intellect and “you-think-yer-so-smart” bonehead mentality.

    You can jump around like monkeys all you want saying that Brietbart “kicked ass” but you and I both know Breitbart was merely a display of the true heart of the conservative movment: All bluster, spittle, and stupidity – essentially empty. The little man behind the curtain in Oz.

  25. herrnaphta

    Breitbart is so pathetic. Whenever anyone brings up the legion of instances of right wing racism, he immediately draws back into his self-righteous “That’s the worst thing you can call someone” schtick. Yet where was his concern when Glenn Beck said Obama was a “racist” with a “deep-seated hatred of white people”? How about when Limbaugh called Obama and Sotomayor racists? Apparently when white people call people of color racists, it obviates the need for a spittle-flecked demand for evidence.

  26. weezie

    “Apparently when white people call people of color racists, it obviates the need for a spittle-flecked demand for evidence.”


    Very well said.

    Also, lol.

  27. ProgressivePistol

    @marktrail: Your opinion does not disprove what I have experienced, on a personal level, day in and day out since the day I was born.

  28. Miles

    Look up Honesty and Disingenuous to find out which one drives you.

    You are vile and your motive is venomous. Try using the truth, not disingenuous bias spin to prove your point.

  29. GeneralMalaise

    “Apparently when white people call people of color racists, it obviates the need for a spittle-flecked demand for evidence.”

    “people of color”… lol. Hang on to your tired euphemisms, o indigo-skinned brother with the tightly woven hair.

  30. GeneralMalaise

    “Your opinion does not disprove what I have experienced, on a personal level, day in and day out since the day I was born.”

    Leave those feelings of inadequacy behind!

  31. weezie

    GeneralMalaise thinks that his faux-personal psycho dramas will somehow be the “poisoned barbs that wound us deeply”. He thinks he is the Denny Crane of comment threads. Pithily cutting his liberal foes low, wounding them to the very quick.


    If it makes you feel better: When I read your posts, General, I turn away to hide my tears.


  32. weezie

    “oh indigo-skinned brother with tightly woven hair”

    At least be fucking original, stumpy.

    LOL. The only thing worse than a wingnut troll is a DERIVATIVE wingnut troll.

  33. KasperJackson

    “I got him, I got him” lmao Really!?

    I’d never heard of you until I saw you get driven out of the foyer like a sniveling idiot. Your tired old shtick is about as useless as this site you got here. AB ate your lunch and you had nothing to say other than stutter and accuse him of racism.

    You are a pathetic character assassinating coward of the highest order.

  34. BlueFranco

    weezie; I love how you get these wingnuts all flustered and spittle-fecked.
    You are a gem, I love reading your commentary….Thanks

  35. herrnaphta

    After reading the posts on this thread, I’m amazed that Max could ever resort to such bad-faith tactics as calling the right wing racist or homophobic.

  36. GeneralMalaise

    See ya in November, weezul, bluefrankie, hermaphra, et. al. Until then, carry on as the ‘rats on the sinking ship.

  37. SreeBee

    Hi Max,

    I just want to publicly thank you for the excellent work you do. Your writings are almost anthropological in their profound insights, and your reporting is solid and balanced.

    Also, I think it’s very interesting to see your CPAC videos compared to those of the same encounters which the Tea-Baggers put up on youtube (or that Frame4America, above, desperately tries to peddle.)

    Its clear to me that Frame4America and his pals have edited out your responses to them. That selective editing is a habit the right has been indulging for far too long, and their use of it is becoming more alarmingly clear to the public.

    Clearly the tea-baggers have learned well from their masters: They have completely muted your voice, so as to give the impression that you had nothing to say to them (as if screaming or talking over you, and anyone else, was not enough.)
    What they neglect to reveal is that you were, indeed, responding to those Tea-baggers, you just weren’t screaming hysterical nonsense the way they do. Like their hero O’Keefe, they have learned the value of muting out dialogue for effect. They are too comfortable with mangling data to make their case.

    You must have the patience of a saint and the back-bone of a sailor in order to be able to report so calmly and adroitly while in the midst of a room FULL of bat-s**t crazy. I admire your courage, your intelligence, your eloquence and your wit.

    I know this all sounds kind of shmaltzy, but I am just glad you are out there doing what you do, Max. In this era of Fox-founded crazy, you are a refreshing beacon of clarity.

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to the airing of your documentary, as well as to your next book (BTW, Republican Gommorah is one of the BEST reviews on the subject… EXCELLENT JOB!!!!!)

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