Monthly Archives: January 2009

Recapping 2008

2008 went fast, but it was a very good year for the left blogosphere. I made out fairly well myself, according to some of my favorite sites. I finished fourth in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s 2nd Annual Smackdown Awards and earned Alternet’s fifth most outrageous story of the year. I also finished fifth in Alternet’s top ten hottest videos of 2008 for a collaborative investigative project with filmmaker Michael Wilson about Prop 8. It’s good to be in the middle of the top.

But no blog award meant more to me than being included in Phil Munger’s top five Alaskan muckrakers of 2008. Without Phil and his wife, Judy, my coverage of Sarah Palin would not have been possible. They were more than generous hosts, they were skillful guides to a vast, complex and utterly fascinating local culture that I knew little about before I arrived. Phil’s presentation is below the fold, from his blog, Progressive Alaska: 

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