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50 Shots: The Sean Bell Demonstrations

This blog is still temporarily on ice as I finish up my forthcoming book (due out next March), but I wanted to feature a new video report I have just completed. Check out the video and a quick run-down:

On April 25, the three NYPD detectives who killed bridegroom Sean Bell the night before his wedding and wounded his two friends were acquitted of all charges. The undercover officers, who had riddled Bell’s car with 50 shots, claimed in court that they were scared by Bell and his friends, even though the men were unarmed and on their way home from a club. Detective Michael Oliver must have been especially frightened. He alone fired 31 shots, even stopping to reload on his way to killing Bell. Arthur Cooperman, a 78-year-old judge scheduled to retire next year (the cops were spared a jury of their peers), essentially ruled that the officers’ supposed fear justified their indiscriminate firing of 50 shots at Bell and his unarmed friends.

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