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Rudy’s White Powder/White Power Problem

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for Rudy Giuliani’s campaign in South Carolina. Last week, his SC campaign chair, former state treasurer Thomas Ravenel, was forced to resign after being indicted for cocaine distribution (check out a copy of the the indictment here). Soon after, Giuliani’s camp installed Ravenal’s father, ex-state Senator Arthur Ravenel, as its SC campaign co-chair. Who is this Ravenel?

I immediately recognized Papa Ravenel from my Nation profile of neo-Confederate weapons industry lobbyist Richard T. Hines. Ravenel was a speaker at a rally Hines and white supremacists from the Council of Conservative Citizens and the Sons of Confederate Veterans planned in Columbia, South Carolina in 2000 to protest the removal of the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds. During his speech, Ravenel referred to the NAACP as, “The National Association of Retarded People.”

According to the Politicker’s Jason Horowitz, Ravenel’s remarks fit into an established pattern:

On October 18, 2006 The Post and Courier of Charleston, SC wrote ” Arthur Ravenel Jr., who is running for an East Cooper seat on the board, caught flack 16 years ago when he was in Congress and made a comment about white committee chairmen who operated on ‘black time,’ which he said meant fashionably late.”

So what will Giuliani do about his latest Ravenel problem? Perhaps it’s not a problem at all. In April, Rudy began honing his southern strategy, declaring his belief during an appearance in Alabama that displays of the Confederate flag on public property are “a local issue.” That was music to the ears of the neo-Confederates who hold sway over South Carolina’s GOP. With one of them on his payroll, they have even more reason to rejoice over Rudy.

The Washington Times Linked To Leonard Pitts Death Threats

The Washington Times is linked to neo-Nazi death threats to African-American columnist Leonard Pitts. No surprise. Fran Coombs, the neo-Confederate managing editor who I profiled for the Nation, has published four articles by Bill White. White, the neo-Nazi who published Pitts’ home address on his website and called for his assassination, in now under FBI investigation. Coombs, for his part, is slated to become Times editor-in-chief according to my sources in the newsroom there.

John Gorenfeld has the Moonie angle covered. I haven’t checked to see if the Times has covered the story but I’m sure they are more busy reporting on the illegal “invasion” from the south.

Lake of Fire

I can’t wait for the upcoming release of “Lake of Fire,” a controversial documentary about abortion. I actually requested a review copy from the film’s production company but was denied. My friend Fred Clarkson, who appears in the film and has seen it, posted on it at Talk2Action:

The 2 1/2-hour films takes a stark look at all sides of the issue, and includes actual footage of abortion procedures that Tony Kaye, the director, filmed himself; and jail house interviews with convicted murderers of doctors who have performed abortions — and much, much more. It took Kaye more than $6 million of his own money and more than 16 years to make. Every review I have read has found it very compelling. A longer TV version is said to be under consideration, and the Sundance Channel has purchased the rights.

Rudy and the Pedophile Priest

The story of Rudy Giuliani’s support for an accused child molester has been floating around for some time, and now it is beginning to gain traction. This is from an AP piece posted on the right-wing Newsmax:

Advocates for victims of abuse by Catholic clergy on Friday urged presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani to fire a priest who was suspended from the church and then hired by the ex-mayor’s security consulting business. A spokeswoman for Giuliani said the firm had no plans to fire Monsignor Alan Placa.

Placa, a childhood friend of Giuliani’s, has defended himself for years over allegations in a 2003 Suffolk County grand jury report that detailed decades-old abuses by priests in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, N.Y.

Salon has more on Rudy and Placa.

Edgy? No.

I will be posting soon on the reaction to my TBA video. For now I will just say that I agree with those who say my video was not edgy. I never intended for it to be edgy, which is why I found TBA’s refusal to show it so puzzling and ultimately disspiriting.