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  1. J. G. Wilk

    Why is it freaks like Malkin so conspicuously quote the New York Times as validation for their pissy little existance, a publication they piss and moan how much they hate?

  2. FGFM

    Another amusing thing about these clowns using Spartacus
    is that it was the film that broke the Hollywood Blacklist
    after Dalton Trumbo was given on-screen credit. Not to
    mention the whole “rebellion against the empire” thing.

  3. Marco


    John Doe is a movement now, Michelle? You wrote one crappy X 10 article and the minute
    your screed hits the fan, it becomes a movement?

    Well, I guess if you call the Gatheirng of Eagles crowd “30,000 strong,” you can declare
    a grassroots groundswelling as soon as you hit “save” on your word document.

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