The Fred Thompson Effect

The latest USA Today/Gallup poll is out and it is pretty startling. Despite being undeclared, actor Fred Thompson is polling at 12%. Giuliani, meanwhile, is down 13%, partly as a side-effect of Thompson’s potential candidacy, partly as a result of increased conservative awareness of Rudy’s personal profile. And Romney barely registers anymore.

Thompson’s instant appeal clearly reflects the hunger among Republican primary voters for a candidate with genuine conservative credentials and national name recognition. I know very little about him off the top but my instinct is to write him off as a threat in the general.

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  1. Charles Lemos


    Of all the declared Presidential candidates for the GOP, none resonates with the
    Conservative/Christian Right wing of the party. Romney is desperately trying to curry
    favour with this segment but Romney, even before his varmant-hunting days, has to
    overcome statements on abortion, gay rights, enviromentalism. In selling his soul to
    the Right, Romney loses the center and thus the Presidency. The case with Senator
    Fred Thompson is far different and I believe would pose a most serious threat to the
    electoral aspirations of Progressives. He may be undeclared but if Fred Thompson does
    run, he would bring his “law & order” credentials and his Conservative record and I
    would think that it would find general acceptance with both the Conservative/Christian
    Right and the ever-declining Moderate wings of the GOP. Senator Thompson is likely the
    most formidible Republican candidate. Still, I do think the war will so unravel that no
    matter who the GOP puts forth, the Democratic candidate should coast to victory with
    some 320 to 360 electoral votes.

    Charles Lemos
    San Francisco, CA

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